UKbride Member Request 2 Sep 2018

Hi does anybody know if you can say your vows in private but still have...

Hi does anybody know if you can say your vows in private but still have guest at the church for the ceremony? Think my H2B will get to nervous and emotional to say them out loud with his dylexsia

Cheryl Riordan
Cheryl Riordan 3 Sep 2018

If you’re going for a church wedding I am not so sure but if not you guys can do the legal ceremony at a local register office (with witnesses) and then have a ceremony for family and friends after xx

Cheryl Riordan
Cheryl Riordan 3 Sep 2018

Also all the best and good luck for your big day xx

Silvia Di nucci
Silvia Di nucci 3 Sep 2018

You can ask the celebrant/ ceremony officer to read the vows but for the legal part it must be said by him. If you want he can write you a letter or you can have an alone moment before or after the ceremony, ask your bridal party to help organise this and take care of the rest of the guests.

Lauren Townsend
Lauren Townsend 3 Sep 2018

You get yo choose the wording. Some are just 'I am', 'I do' etc. Have a look at the options available.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 4 Sep 2018

I wouldn't worry about it hun. I had my daughter round my neck faffing with my vail, had to get our vicar to repeat practically everything cause.I wasn't listening, I also said I do about.4 times before I was.actually meant to. Just made people smile and we all laugh about x

Kathy Deane
Kathy Deane 7 Sep 2018

Don't worry. My husband is dyslexic and was terrified. When you're saying them... as corny as it sounds, no-one else is there, it's just you two and you forget there's people watching. Also, the people you are with love you both and know you both and will know how he feels and won't judge him for it. Also, the person conducting your ceremony has seen it all and will make your celebration as easy as they can. Just hold each other's hand, help each other through and if you get it wrong... laugh about it! Good luck and enjoy xxx


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