Liberty Gibbons
Liberty Gibbons 1 Sep 2018

Hiya, I'm getting married in America, I know I have to get an enhanced...

Hiya, I'm getting married in America, I know I have to get an enhanced marriage license, but what do I need to do when I get back in England? So I can change my surname officially as a married woman? I know I don't need to change it by deed poll but not sure how else I would change my surname? Where do I send my wedding certificate to etc for it to be changed? And registered by law that we are married? Advice needed!

Sarah Sharpe
Sarah Sharpe 3 Sep 2018

Your name will just be changed, you will need to send marriage certificate to relevant people, like banks, passport etc. I would think that its the marriage that has to be registered, not a name change. I'd look at the births, deaths and marriages government website. Good luck xx

Liberty Gibbons
Liberty Gibbons 3 Sep 2018

I've been on the phone and we need a certificate of no impediment, this never goes out of date, but does anyone know whether the u.s.a has requirements?
Whether it never goes out of date in the u.s.a eyes or if u have to apply for it 6 months before the wedding?! X

Zoe Lucock
Zoe Lucock 3 Sep 2018

If you change your name on your marriage certificate then you don’t need to do anything, it’s legal here and you can use it to send to banks etc to inform them. I’ve just got married in Hawaii (USA) but I kept my own name because me and my husband are both changing our names to a combined name so we have had to go through deed poll

Le-Ann Crilly
Le-Ann Crilly 4 Sep 2018


UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 6 Sep 2018

I got married in USA 2 years ago, i didn't need a certificate of impediment tho. I changed my name with everyone using my marriage certificate! I would advise getting a few copies whilst u r there! We got 3 total, my bank lost 1 and the DVLA lost the other! So I now have only 1 left!


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