Louise Rowe
Louise Rowe 15 Aug 2018

Just a quick question, we are having our reception at our pub and will be...

Just a quick question, we are having our reception at our pub and will be providing a couple of barrels of lager (88pints per barrel) and some wine and prosecco (toasting and welcome drinks). Do you think people will expect us to have a free bar considering it is our pub? I know a few people will abuse this if we did and also we're planning on a tight budget anyway! (& Brewery prices are extortionate even at cost price!!) so the drinks are already a large portion of our budget! What are peoples thoughts? Cash bar after our allowance has gone and if anyone wants spirits? xxx

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 15 Aug 2018

Hi we were advised not to have a free bar as people will take advantage of this :)

Jo Armstrong
Jo Armstrong 22 Aug 2018

Hi there.

We are having our reception in a pub. No free bar as previously mentioned ita alot of money and people will take advantage its your wedding do what's best for you.

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 22 Aug 2018

Maybe you could do a nice sign saying something along the lines that you have provided drinks to get the party going and hope guests understand that when it is gone it is gone but they are free to buy their own after that. Just a suggestion. I'm sure you could word it far better.

Louise Rowe
Louise Rowe 23 Aug 2018

Thank you for your comments! I guess I'm just panicking because it's our pub. I'm sure all of our regulars think we're made of money because running a pub is a 'gold mine' (shame they don't know the truth!) I'm going to contact our Business manager and see if we can wiggle some kind of discount so we can up what we're offering slightly I think! Failing that I'll definitely invest in a sign along the lines of what you suggested Susan. Thank you girls! :) xx

Gemma Barrington
Gemma Barrington 2 Jan 2019

I don’t see why you wouldn’t have a cash bar. As you said you don’t want people to abuse it and if they were at any other venue they wouldn’t expect a free bar. You’re already providing plenty :) x


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