Celine Chapman
Celine Chapman 7 Aug 2018

I’m going to view my first venue at the weekend... what questions should I...

I’m going to view my first venue at the weekend... what questions should I be sure to ask?

Kenny Maccuish
Kenny Maccuish 8 Aug 2018

hi here are a few things to ask
1 is it available on the date you want
2 is it available for exclusive use
3 is there a menu tasting available
4 is there a noise limit/ cut of time for the music at night
hope these help

Bonnie Ramsey
Bonnie Ramsey 8 Aug 2018

Do they allow outside vendors? Like catering, flowers, and music

Natalie Lloyd
Natalie Lloyd 8 Aug 2018

Tbh the first time we went to venues i just asked about the date availability and if there was rooms n how many. Main thing we wanted was to see if we like the look and feel of the place and if we could see ourselves getting married there. Then the ones we liked we went back and asked questions then xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 8 Aug 2018

Ask if they allow confetti, and if they don't, what they do allow and what footwear - I looked at one venue that wouldn't allow heels due to being historic and the damage heels could potentially cause. Ask what areas you can use, if they host more than one wedding a day, who will be your point of contact throughout the planning process and on the day,if they have recommended suppliers. Parking and if guests can stay, if you'll have rooms to get ready on your day

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 8 Aug 2018

Leanne Hawkins

Laura Bardon
Laura Bardon 8 Aug 2018

1. Dates
2. Numbers of guests
3. Privacy
4. Suppliers
5. If booking somewhere where you must book rooms, ask if it's included in the overall price.
6.Ask for a contingency plans if you are having an outdoor wedding

But don't worry too much if it's only the first veiwing, you can always contact them later with more questions!

Hayley Muir
Hayley Muir 8 Aug 2018

If it’s a hotel, What about hotel rooms - can be added on and guests pay at checkout - deposit? When would they need to know about rooms if reserved for you?

Doe you get a bridal suite included?

Can y u have outside catering?

What Access to areas for photographer?

How many does a table and top table hold? Is there an option to increase numbers if needed and how much per head?

Can you have fireworks / sparklers/ glow sticks?

Are outside garden games allowed?

What time does venue recommend for the service?

What time do you have the venue to and from. When can you set up the venue from?

What time would set up be for evening reception so you know what time to book DJ for

How can you pay, in full or in instalments? What’s the minimum for an instalment and when does the final value need to be paid? How much is deposit to secure your date?

Also I swear by Bridebook.

Ellie Camm
Ellie Camm 8 Aug 2018

VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION!! Does the price include VAT?? Known loads of people who have been stung with that and they've gone way over budget! Hope you enjoy viewing :)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 8 Aug 2018

Ask if there is a bar for your guests, and if you plan to buy alcohol for the guests e.g. wine then are there any corkage fees

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 8 Aug 2018

These are all the ones I asked

* Which dates do you have available for our ideal time of year?
* How many guests can you accommodate day and evening?
* Will they do the Ceremony as well as reception and which rooms if not having a church wedding
* How long do we have use of the venue? Can we extend if needed?
* Is it exclusive? Do they have any other weddings on same day
* When can we set up for the wedding?
* Limitations on decorations
* Are tablecloths, chairs, cutlery and glasses etc included?
* Preferred caterers and sample menus
* Do you have a bar will it be fully stocked and staffed?
* Do you have a dance floor or does it need to be hired in?
* Do they allow a band? Do they have a resident dj
* Enough electrical points
* Any special facilities for children
* Wheelchair/pushchair access
* When deposit needs to be paid and how much
* Any other fees payable
* Venue coordinator on the day
* Vat included or not
* Car parking
* Wedding guests discounted room prices if hotel
* Do you have a honeymoon suite for the evening of to stay if hotel
* Space to get ready at venue if needed

My brother has autism and is quite fussy with food so I wanted to check if there was anything other than what they supply from their caterer for him. Worth asking if you have kids coming regardless of SEN or not.

Amy Richardson
Amy Richardson 9 Aug 2018

Always visit the toilets - if they don’t look after the toilets they don’t look after the rest of the place - best advice I was given!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 10 Aug 2018

Which is the registry office you'd need


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