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Hey Can anyone give advice on evening food. How much do you order for the...

Hey Can anyone give advice on evening food. How much do you order for the evening? My day guests are having a three course meal. And there is only an extra 20-30 people for the evening. Also while I’m here, I was originally going to do bacon rolls along with some cheese ones to save on costs. However, they want to charge £5 per roll! And even though this is a cheaper option for an extra £5.50 I can get a 6 selection finger buffet. Should I stick with the rolls or pay a little more and give more of a selection. Please note I am on a small budget! TIA

Gemma Maxwell
Gemma Maxwell 18 Jul 2018

I’m having a buffet at night, I was going to be more expensive for just having bacon rolls or sandwiches believe it or not. I was told by my wedding planner to only pay for 75% of guests for evening food as if you were to pay 100% of guests, a lot of food would go to waste. xx

Sharon Lewis
Sharon Lewis 18 Jul 2018

I purposely booked an evening venue where I could get my own food as I think it’s all a rip off....I also work for Iceland so with my discount I reckon I can feed my guest for £1 a head 😀

Kayleigh Walker
Kayleigh Walker 18 Jul 2018

I’m having pizza, wedges and garlic bread and salad for my evening do at £14 a head

Laura Roberts
Laura Roberts 18 Jul 2018

I only catered for 80% of my day guests. Didn't include the extra people coming at night. A lot of my day guests didn't eat anything at night. I'd pay a bit more and do the buffet as I think you're more likely to have people eat that x

Michelle Sprules
Michelle Sprules 18 Jul 2018

My caterer said it's individual choice on how much you do but normally 80%. I would do the dearer option and give more selection. Congrats x

Belinda Ann Welbourne
Belinda Anne Bingley 18 Jul 2018

Our venue is doing bacon and sausage baps with wedges for evening reception don't think need much more after 3 course day reception x

Jannette Taylor
Jannette Taylor 18 Jul 2018

We have gone for a buffet for the evening - the original package came with bacon rolls and wedges, but the breakdown showed that was £10 per person, so we decided a buffet at £15 per person was more justifiable for us, even though it costs more

Cheryl Jackson
Cheryl Jackson 18 Jul 2018

Im having pizzas so its more like a takeaway to soak up some booze 😜🤣 luckily my venue and food are separate so i dont have a price per head x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 18 Jul 2018

I’d go for the buffet (we had fish and chips) we ordered for the amount of people there, as some people had seconds, and there was some left for the dj and photo booth people too.

Jayne Harper
Jayne Harper 18 Jul 2018

Honestly our evening food was barely touched because we had all guests all day and we ran late. It was a huge waste of money for us. However if you have extra evening guests I'd say cater for a smaller number than your guests unless you have a long time between wedding breakfast and the buffet/whatever you decide x

Donna Barber
Donna Barber 18 Jul 2018

I didn’t like the thought of bacon rolls and chips or whatever for evening which came with our wedding package so paying an extra £300 to get a finger buffet for 60 people

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 18 Jul 2018

Hi we are having a buffet in the evening catering for 50 when we are having roughly 80 guests in the evening :)

Charlie Cullis
Charlie Cullis 18 Jul 2018

We had a cheese stack as a wedding cake and then cut it up and served it with chutney, meats and breads so kept cost down. The cheese cost us about 100 which was cheaper than an actual cake and worked out less than £1pp. Ordered ourselves from Waitrose as online offical cheese cakes were mega expensive. Our venue didnt mind. Depends how strict your venue are as to whether it would work. Hope you have a great day

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 18 Jul 2018

We’re having a full hot buffet in the day with a choice of deserts and we are also having a kids hot buffet(more party food)we have approx 50 guests to the day and an extra 30 to the evening.the supper we will b having 70 small pastys and scones with jam and cream..cheep and simple as we are also on a budget.we thought with having a bigger meal in the day they won’t want so much to eat in the eve.the main people to feed in the eve is ur evening guests.

Jade Pelham
Jade Pelham 19 Jul 2018

We're having pork rolls, and catering for 100%. I'd rather make sure everyone got a chance to eat and if there's leftovers we will give it to staff or let people take them home. X


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