Hannah Bareham
Hannah Bareham 9 Jul 2018

We have just booked our venue a lovely woodland venue and we can do with it...

We have just booked our venue a lovely woodland venue and we can do with it what we like. We are about to pay the deposit on some tipis so I am looking at wedding insurance. It looks like you have to pay a premium for additional marquee cover. I was wondering what other people that have booked a tipi wedding have, did you pay the additional marquee cover? Thank you in advance

SJ Munt
SJ Munt 10 Jul 2018

Yup paid the additional cover think it was an extra £20 or so, the marquee is approximately 25% of our total budget and that's just to hire it so would hate to think what they cost to buy/replace if damaged, don't see the point in only insuring 75% of our wedding.... sods law it would be the marquee that ends up getting damaged and nothing else...

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 10 Jul 2018

We're having a marquee and went for the additional cover. Understand why it needs to be a separate option as a lot of weddings wouldn't have them, but I resented it tbh. With the cover being based on the total amount that we're spending on the wedding, a sizeable amount of which is going on the marquee, I feel like we're paying for the marquee twice. However, if something goes wrong, they won't cover it, so I just bit the bullet and got the extra cover.

Amy Eager
Amy Eager 10 Jul 2018

One venue we had an interest in wanted an EXTRA £6k for the marquee. There's no way I wouldn't insure that.


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