Jo Clayton
Jo Clayton 8 Jul 2018

Any tips for a creative wedding that keeps costs down? On a tight budget but...

Any tips for a creative wedding that keeps costs down? On a tight budget but want a unique wedding. Thank you x ?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 8 Jul 2018

Hi make your own invites and decorate the venue do as much as possible yourselves :)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 9 Jul 2018

We had balloons as decoration - quarter of the price of flower centrepieces (our theme was the film UP)

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Zoe Collins
Zoe Collins 9 Jul 2018

I have made almost everything from my dress to decorations and invites....It's very time consuming but so worth it

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 9 Jul 2018

My mum has bought my dress. His mum and dad bought our cake. Everything else we have done for under 5500. And thats having 11 adult bridesmaids 2 little ones. 2 best men. 3 ushers and 3 page boys.we spoke to them all and agreed to buy half of their outfit and them get the rest. (We bought everything for the kids). We have also bought thankyou gifts in with this budget. We have bought and made decorations ourselves. Bought props for a selfie station ( we were going to have a sequin fabric backdrop but a friend hires out flower walls so is gifting us the hire of this). We have hired an empty barn that allowed us to source our own caterers, tables and chairs etc so shopped around and found what we wanted in our price range. We are also having 170 day guests to seat and feed. And about an extra 40/50 for the night. For the evening we have been buying boxes of crisps, popcorn, nuts, mini cheddars etc. And will be getting bread and cheese and biscuits etc. So evening food will be crisp sandwiches, cheese and biscuits and snacks. We have saved tesco clubcard vouchers up to buy the cheese and some other bits. The theme we have gone for is village fete so it literally makes it super easy as mismatch works so well. We have hired wooden tables and bought cheap lace runners from the range. No need to hire table cloths. The centrepieces are a combination of glass jars (decorated myself-mix of glitter, paint,ribbon, lace,hessian etc) and photoframes that i have used lace on the frame. And they all have postcards in from places we have been together. We are also using ornaments and accessories from home. We are having hay bale sofas too and have use of the field as well so have asked friends and family for old pillows/cushions/blankets/duvets etc and will have them on the haybales and some floor areas to chill. We have bought outdoor games/toys quite cheap (from £shops, b&m, home bargains etc). The invites and rsvps were from vistaprint. Fab quality and price. We have also got friends and family to make us some bunting.

Shaz Horaib
Shaz Horaib 9 Jul 2018

Keep track online! often they have good offers on Facebook for venue decorators/photobooth/bars etc. Like local businesses and see if there is a wedding group near you. Also worth entering competitions and seeing if you have any family/friends with useful skills. I won a photobooth and a photographer in two separate facebook comps and saved about £1500. I had a friend do our cake who had a cake business and it was gorgeous and much cheaper x

Victoria Keyte
Victoria Keyte 9 Jul 2018

Make your own invites. It costs a fraction of the price of buying them. I am making the decorations myself. Table plan. Card box. I'm doubling the place cards and favours together. You can get some really lovely decorations dirt cheap from places like Ikea and wilkos. My table lanterns were 2.50 each at Ikea. It's definitely doable. It's time consuming but it makes the whole planning thing last that bit longer :-)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 9 Jul 2018

Pinterest is your best friend :)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 9 Jul 2018

Look at sample or last season design dresses, buy invites from sites like optimal print and Zazzle, artificial flowers instead of fresh, make your own favours that are personal to you and try and find a wedding venue packages that include food and a drinks package that isn't in peak wedding season- we cut the price of our venue in half with it being in October xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 9 Jul 2018

Do as much yourself as you can. Amazon and eBay will become your best friends. Enlist help but keep control. Borrow what you can to avoid being left with a load of stuff you don't need. Make your own decorations. Maybe choose a theme too... makes it easier to decide what you want and don't want. I had a peacock theme that was then easy to tie everything together from the colour of the dresses, to putting feathers in all my flowers, my wedding cake and birdcage decorations. Made my venue look fabulous and everyone commented on how beautiful everything looked. My best advice though, shop around for accessories, have a clear budget in mind and think seriously about what you want. It's your day... don't be bullied into having things the way others want it. Wedding package deals often sound great, but can be very rigid when it comes to menu choices, minimum numbers, timings, rooms available, decorations, suppliers, children attending etc. It sometimes pays to get the best deals for yourself.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 9 Jul 2018

For ours my mum bought my dress and made my flowers and button holes. My friend is a chef so is going to do the cake. Im doing the invites and table decor myself. Only thing that is a cost is the venue and photographer.
Ill just use our cars for transport and get dressed at the venue.

Angela Harris
Angela Harris 12 Jul 2018

We be booked an afternoon tea for 60 guests. Half the price of a traditional wedding breakfast . Then off out into town, in the evening with friends for drinks and food, where everyone paying for themselves


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