Claire Shone
Claire Shone 4 Jul 2018

I’m currently looking for venues but both my h2b and myself want something...

I’m currently looking for venues but both my h2b and myself want something completely different, we don’t want a church wedding, or anything traditional really no sit down meal. we would like an out door wedding with either sharing plates or a bbq but everything we are looking at is coming in ridiculously expensive We would love to pay for the wedding without having to borrow anything how has everyone else managed this?

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 5 Jul 2018

We're doing ours at a cricket club - it's largely outside but with a marquee for the food and disco, not too pricey by comparison with hotel weddings. We're borrowing or being given a fair amount of decorations/outdoors games etc from friends and family but mainly because they had them spare from their own weddings or recent events so I don't feel too cheeky. Plus we've had so many people actively wanting to help us in any way they can, so they've actually appeared to be pleased when we've asked for a couple of favours.

Louise Scullion
Louise Scullion 5 Jul 2018

We have gone with a hall hire which is located in a local park so got the nice scenery and got food vans to turn up for meals. A BBQ like you say is a great idea. Everything else we are doing ourselves so i'm making table decor and borrowing wine glasses. Just a note for renting things i found that renting charger plates was double the cost of buying them so i'm buying with the look to resell them afterward. This is all keeping it ideally in budget so we can pay as we save

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 5 Jul 2018

I’ve hired a private island in Greece and it still worked out cheaper than doing it is this country! Just having family and they are paying for their own holiday. My bridesmaids dresses will be from a nice store (not a wedding dress shop). I’ll happily go into details if you want message me. Xx

Beth Collicott
Beth Collicott 5 Jul 2018

We are getting married on a horse rescue farm, no formal structure, bbq for dinner and firepit with marshmallows later. They providing most things for decoration and crockery/cutlery. We got a reduced rate because its out of season, small and we getting married at 6pm so staff not needed in the day etc. Whole place is lit by fairy lights. For us it's perfect.

Nicole Gomer
Nicole Gomer 5 Jul 2018

There are lots of pretty village halls around, they would be cheap and often have lovely surroundings.

Sarah Pollard
Sarah Pollard 5 Jul 2018

Visit a local farmer & ask about using one of the fields , then have a trailer with fire pizza as cheapest way to feed lots ,
Ask friends to bring their gazebos & deckchairs .... Roll on up for a picnic & everyone bring a bottle .....
Head to a pub later at nite .... & carry on celebrating ....
P.s. Ask your local ice cream van to turn up ....

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 5 Jul 2018

We've got a vineyard which has a separate business who hold events. We'll be married outside (weather permitting lol) and having a bbq (they let us pick n mix from their various packages) Luckily family have offered to pay otherwise we'd be doing registry office (quite happily do that tbh). We're having outdoor games and a dj (they've got a permanent marquee there for tables and a bar and toilets etc) We're allowed to have photos taken in the vineyard aswell. Can't wait we just want a simple, fairly laid back day/evening n I think we're gonna get it...

Vanda Kaminski
Vanda Kaminski 5 Jul 2018

With regards paying for it without having to borrow, we saved for 3 years after getting engaged to pay for our wedding. Get married in 5 weeks time and have paid for everything. It can be done if you set a realistic goal. Weddings are expensive however you do it so give yourself enough time to have the day you want without burdening yourselves to pay for it. It's just one day remember, your marriage is what's important.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 5 Jul 2018

Without knowing where you live, it's impossible offer any substantial advice. If you shop around, you should find some good deals, there are lots of local deals here (south Devon)
An alternative is going abroad (Greece is cheap) they can offer you what you want

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 5 Jul 2018

We're getting married at a lighthouse on the east coast of Scotland. Lighthouse keepers cottages are a self-catering accommodation, all DIY. We're (weather permitting) having an outdoor ceremony in front of the lighthouse with afternoon tea in a marquee in the garden and a BBQ in the evening.

Gemma Roberts
Gemma Roberts 5 Jul 2018

We saved by having the wedding on a weekday and in Feb, cut the price by more than half, meaning we could afford a nice venue :)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 5 Jul 2018

Try local village halls and find caterers, we got married it a registry office then to a hall which is lovely and featured on downton abbey! We had a BBQ for the breakfast and hog roast in the evening, came in under 6k x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 5 Jul 2018

The issue with an outside wedding is that everything needs to be brought in from external suppliers, which is what drives the cost up (eg tipis or marquees are expensive, then bringing in and cooking all food means having to move cold holding equipment on site and so on). We wanted an outside feel to ours so had a converted barn venue with a big field attached where we could put a small marquee (cheaper), used hay bales from the farm for seating outside, and the fact that the venue had a kitchen meant we didn't have to pay hire fees for food equipment from the caterers. If you want to keep prices down on food, try food trucks in your area, they can be cheap depending on what type of food you're looking at and where you live.

Jan Hirst
Jan Hirst 5 Jul 2018

Have you thought about a hog roast for the food.....some places aren't too badly priced

Harley Whelan
Harley Whelan 5 Jul 2018

I'm making the favours. We are making our own wedding cake. We have hired a hall in our town so we all don't have to travel far after the party. We did invites via Facebook or in person. We are also doing the food for the party and making our own decorations etc

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 5 Jul 2018

The Mill Barns is a stunning venue. Offer outdoor weddings, BBQ is an option. The best part about it is no corkage so can provide your own drink for reception drinks and wedding breakfast. I am getting married there in May 2019. Staff are amazing, can't do enough for you. Compared to a lot of venues it's reasonably priced.

Charlotte Ward
Charlotte Ward 5 Jul 2018

I think the issue with outdoor wedding is that everybody and his dog wants one these days so everything has a premium added onto it.. any venues that specialise in this will be charging over the odds for the "boutique" "diy" effect ... it's basically insanity..

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 6 Jul 2018

Apologies in advance for how long this may be...We are getting married in September and also having an outdoor wedding with a bbq, very relaxed. We were very lucky to be offered some land from my aunt which has saved us a lot, however I would watch out for unexpected things. Being in a field we have to supply the toilets, generator etc and make sure that there is enough food an drink to keep guests happy as there is no back up bar if we run out. We have saved money on cake and favours, as have cut these out completely (went to a wedding with neither of these things and no one even noticed, so it's not a big worry) We are also saving money by making our own centre pieces and I've saved loads of wine bottles from family and friends, soaked off the labels and added cheap 'personalised' labels to them (just round paper stickers with a personalised stamp on them which we got from not on the highstreet) We have then brought super cheap box wine and will fill bottles with this! Makes it look like you've spent money but you've saved a small fortune. The benefit of an outdoor wedding and BBQ is that the cost of food is dramatically cheaper. Rather than £100 a head for food we have spent an average of £20! Thats including our evening food aswell. I would highly reccommend checking out 'Add to Event' you can type in what you are after and then you get a bunch of quote back which makes it far easier to pick and chose who and what you want without trailing the internet for months on end and also without handing out your contact details to everyone, they only recieve your contact details if you chose to speak with them directly after you've seen their quote. This is where we found our Hog Roast caterers for the day. Again apologies for such a long message but I wish someone had told me lots of bits 2 years ago :) Hope something in here helps you and good luck with the wedding x


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