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Hi everyone, in need of some advice. I have 2 best friends . 1 best friend...

Hi everyone, in need of some advice. I have 2 best friends . 1 best friend been my best friend since we was 2 and also godmother to both my children. I have already asked her to be maid of honour. I understand we both work and we are very busy. She moved away and been traveling (that’s fine.) but she’s moved back to the village and been back over month and hasn’t bothered to come around. She texts and says she come around and see the kids and never does. She does go to see her other friends, makes time for them . She hasn’t asked about how wedding planning going . Just let me no when you go dress picking I’ll come ( she won’t thats me and my mum thing ) so I’m thinking of maybe just putting her as a bridesmaids and having my other best friend who’s been there through and bother throughout . But I do feel my loyalty should stay with her as she is my children godmother. But i don’t no if she still thinks she maid of honour anyway . But my partner says put her as a guest as she’s not bothered. I’ve got a year to my wedding. Or shall I just have both ? Save on Argo anyway . I doubt either them sit on my top table as the one rather sit with her boyfriend (the one who anit bothered ) and the other will need to be with her children .

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 3 Jul 2018

Hi I agree with you other half let her come as a guest I had to tell one of my friends she couldn't be bridesmaid she didn't bother to even come to be measured. Do yourself a favour and tell her she will be a guest :)


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