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Hi, I’m after a bit of advice in regards to our honeymoon. Me and my...

Hi, I’m after a bit of advice in regards to our honeymoon. Me and my partner would really like to go and visit Italy but not just stay in one place we’d like to travel and visit a few sites. Has anyone done anything similar? We don’t want to spend lots of money as we are trying to do it on a budget? Any help on how to go about booking something like this would be appreciated!

hannah foster
hannah foster 24 May 2018

Groupon had a brilliant deal on when I last looked it was 3 or 4 places in Italy with flights, hotels and internal flights or trains. Have a look. If it's not long enough for you it would at least give you an idea on where to stay etc. We can't decide on where we want to go in the world for our honeymoon 🙈🙈 Italy is gorgeous, hope you enjoy it! Xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 24 May 2018

Yes Groupon, not looked into the details but looks fab and there are a couple of options/places to choose from

Victoria Alexandra
Victoria Scrivener 24 May 2018

You could drive over and stay in places along the way, b&bs or hostels etc. We’re doing a European tour after we get married and the cost in fuel is cheaper than 2 return flights to Santorini during the summer

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 24 May 2018

When it comes to Italy its probably more cost effective to book hotels and flights separately. is good as you can usually book your hotel and dont need to pay till you arrive. Flights to Italy are fairly inexpensive. You would just need to sort out your internal travel so you can get to each place you're staying

Danika O'Connor
Danika O'Connor 24 May 2018

We travelled Bologna, to Venice, to Florence, to Pisa to Rome for £600 all in! Flights and accommodation. I wrote about it here:

It wasn’t our honeymoon but it was the best trip ever!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 24 May 2018

They have a great rail system, just book in advance for the cheapest tickets. We went to Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples by rail and then got a ferry to Capri. The trains are great and you won’t be stuck waiting in airports for half your honeymoon

Rhi Chadwick
Rhi Chadwick 24 May 2018

We also did 2 weeks- Venice, Florence, Siena and Rome for £500 pp all in, but we did stay in hostels. You can do Airbnb or some hotels for just a little more.

Heather Lloyd
Heather Lloyd 24 May 2018

We're doing a 2 week cruise with 3 stops in Italy, you could always see if there is a shorter, cheaper one that departs from a port in Italy?

Anna Paschali
Anna Paschali 24 May 2018

I did Cinque Terre-Milan-Lake Garda-Verona a few years ago. Booked everything ourselves separately via and/or directly with the hotels/ b&bs. Booked a multi trip flight, so we could fly into one airport and leave from a different one - it’s cheaper to do it that way than to book two one way tickets.
Id also recommend Amalfi coast - absolutely stunning. We based ourselves in Sorrento and did a day trip every other day, alternating with a day of relaxation. Travel and food was inexpensive. Happy honeymoon!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 24 May 2018

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 24 May 2018

We're doing a week in Italy through STA and have managed to book in nice hotels, 2 cities and a heap of interesting excursions for a steal. Totally recommend talking with them!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 24 May 2018

We made the mistake of booking a cheap airbnb in Florence for the first 7 days of our honeymoon...It was super central but the Wi-Fi and tv didn't work, no hot water on the first day and the bedroom was street facing with see-through curtains fortunately we had ended the trip with 3 nights in a pricier airbnb which was just luxury. I love Italy but you do get what you pay for. Have an amazing honeymoon x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 25 May 2018

Check out Air BnB

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 25 May 2018

Hi we drive to Italy every year. Decide your route and the put some time into researching where to stay.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 25 May 2018

We are getting married in Italy and then having our honeymoon there x we will be getting married in rome, then going to venice and sorrento x we saved over £2000 by not using agencies and booking ourselves and are staying in much better hotels as well x we just used comparison sites like trivago for hotels as we were finding the hotels we wanted about £200-500 cheaper than on hotels,com or booking,com so saved more money again xx

Shannon Matthews
Shannon Matthews 25 May 2018

Steve Friend organised my honeymoon for me.. came in under budget, and was absolutely amazing! Continuous contact and super friendly. He's an independent travel consultant. Worth speaking to him for sure. Good luck!! Xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 25 May 2018

Hi there. As Shannon Matthews says...I'm an independent travel person( fully abta and ATOL protected etc.) And would be happy to help you plan your honeymoon. I work with you AND your budget! Italy is tailor made for touring and multi city car, plane, or better still, Rail. They have an amazing high speed network. If you need any more info you can contact me on my Facebook page Steve Friend - Brilliant Travel or email me , [email protected]

Hana Norcross
Hana Norcross 25 May 2018

We have done a similar thing for a holiday recently and booked the flights through Skyscanner. The flights were less than £100 for both of us. We flew into Naples and stayed there for a few days, then went to Rome for a few days, and Pompeii as well. We booked all of the accommodation through and we had a really great time on a small budget

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 25 May 2018

* Cheap flights
* Airbnb rooms / apartments
* Euro rail tickets

Go to a supermarket and pick up cheese, ham, bread and wine to eat during travel between cities. We spent 9 days in Italy last year for my 30th - Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples! You do need to be organised with trains - in addition to the ticket, the seats need to be reserved as well, but it is a very easy system and the trains are super smart!

Roxie Houghton
Roxie Houghton 25 May 2018

Hey! Not sure much a booking tip, But Sorrento in Italy is beautiful and so worth a visit! Congrats and good luck! X

Amy Bickmore
Amy Bickmore 25 May 2018

My partner and I did Florence, Rome and Venice for a week travelling by plane & train for £250 each a few years ago. Just book it all separately.
We've just come back from another week in Verona/Lake Garda which was less than £300 total for a week for 3 of us inc flights, accommodation, airport parking and car hire!

Sarah Pollard
Sarah Pollard 27 May 2018

Doing your buying of holiday sections in January sales .....
Book flights on Monday or Tuesday as way cheaper than at the end of the week .....
Either hotel from websites , especially tracking down brand new ones opening as freebies happening or air B&B .....

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 May 2018

We just hired a car and drove around the Amalfi Coast and then down to Sicily. Airbnb gave us really good places to stay and was relatively inexpensive. A few years ago we also travelled around northern Italy ending in Rome, we just used inter rail for that.


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