UKbride Member Request 21 May 2018

Approaching the last few months leading up to wedding and feeling quite...

Approaching the last few months leading up to wedding and feeling quite angry with everyone re the lack of help I’ve had mentally and physically in sorting the wedding. People who I thought would have been there for me haven’t. Not in a nasty way but just haven’t got involved. Anyone else feeling the same? Is is the norm?

Ceilidh Baird
Ceilidh Baird 22 May 2018

I am in the exact same situation unfortunately, so no you are definitely not alone in feeling that way!! I have one bridesmaid (my sister) and had nothing but hassle from her and my mum, they don’t want to help me in the slightest but want me to make sure that everything is perfect for them. I’ve now told my fiancé that I’ll be going alone for the rest of the wedding prep as not a soul has shown any interest in wanting to help out.

Siobhan Knight-Potgieter
Siobhan Knight-Potgieter 23 May 2018

It is fairly normal, I remember having my little breakdown six months prior and thinking we should just elope.

Glad we didn’t as we had a lovely day, weddings don’t bring people together in the same way anymore sadly, but in the same respect some people get so fed up of people constant opinions etc so it’s hard to have that happy medium.

Just know that it’s you and your husband or wife to be’s day and plan between the two of you sod the rest of the world ! X

Alice Hearn
Alice Hearn 23 May 2018

At the end of the day I see any help as simply a bonus not expected. It's myself and my partner who have chosen to get married not our friends and family.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 23 May 2018

Have you asked them to help or expected them to offer? I got a bit of help from everyone but I asked them

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 23 May 2018

I just don’t think people get as excited about weddings as they used too, as times have really changed. people are busy with their own lives and some really don’t care about your big day, but not in a nasty way, just other priorities. I’m a little gutted that no ones really interested in my wedding, however no one was really interested in my first wedding 25 years ago either. Lol.
It’s mine and my H2b’s day, we will have no one to thank when we do our speeches and we can honestly say we did it ourselves. (Mainly me though) lol.
I think if they turn up on your big day to celebrate with you, it shows they cared x

Abbey Lawson
Abbey Lawson 23 May 2018

Why should anyone help? Lol I've enjoyed not having other people opinions and organising it how we want. X

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 23 May 2018

Me too!!!

Chelsea-Anne Horrocks
Chelsea-Anne Horrocks 23 May 2018

To be fair I’m happy with organising it with help from my h2b. Have asked one of my bridesmaids and one of my friends to organise the hen do and will ask my future mil to go dress shopping with me apart from that I’d rather not have everyone’s input as I’d rather we planned the day around what we want.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 23 May 2018

Totally. My mum began being there and has since gone off the radar but being grumpy so my mum in law to be doesn't want to step on her toes. It's all so tricky. Some have stuck there though, so I'm focusing on that

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 23 May 2018

I see any help as a bonus..would rather it be organised by me & my OH! My first wedding ( yes I’m doing it again lol) was a bloody nightmare with an interfering mother and sister so I’m glad this one their not involved in

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 23 May 2018

Yep!! I should of done things so different ! Never mind crack on on your own you won’t regret it ! Good luck x

Sam Leckey
Sam Leckey 23 May 2018

People offering to help you should be seen as a bonus. It's your wedding therefore it's not for anyone else to organise. If you ask for help I'm sure some people could help out, especially if you give then enough notice. You can't just expect help because your getting married, everyone else have their own lives to lead and while your wedding is the centre of your life at the minute it's not the centre of theirs

Debbie Dimond
Debbie Dimond 23 May 2018

Sorry to hear this ,I'm so lucky my parents are being brill and so helpful , and my bridesmaid and moh are just the best and friends have been surportive all the way , Yvonne Bird,Aimee Bird Gemma Dimond Jessica Lewis Chloe Dimond Julianne Cadby , and a few others hope your day goes well x

Chelsea Featherstone
Chelsea Featherstone 24 May 2018

I felt the exact same. When I was planning my wedding i felt proper alone. But once I asked I got help. My wedding was better for it. If you feel alone tell someone this is meant to be the happiest day of your life. Never let stress or anger wreak it

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 24 May 2018

I’m sure everyone is happy for you and excited for you but just remember it’s your day, no one will find it quite as important as you do. It’s no ones job to help, it’s you and your partners day. If you actually want people to help them you need to ask them.


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