Emma Nelson-Bailey
Emma Nelson-Bailey 4 May 2018

I’ve just chosen my dress and put the deposit down. I do feel it is the...

I’ve just chosen my dress and put the deposit down. I do feel it is the one, but how many people felt it might not be. I think it’s more because it’s such a big decision and it’s taken a while to find it.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 5 May 2018

Hi I didn't have much choice because I am so petite I only found 1 dress that would fit my proportions, but I was lucky because I loved the dress :)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 8 May 2018

I was the same, I knew I’d found the one but kept questioning it, but it certainly was the one as I felt it on the day all the best x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 8 May 2018

It’s normal, I kept doubting my choice the run up to the wedding. In fact even 7 months after getting married I sometimes look at photos and regret my choice but then other times I feel like it’s the most perfect dress ever...it’s hard being a woman

Scarlett Everall
Scarlett E 8 May 2018

I've questioned my choice on occasion but as soon as I look at a photo of me in it or I go and see it in person again I remember exactly why I chose it. I just think that you actually forget a little what it looks like/the little details which made you fall in love with it in the first place. Also, I know that once my dress has been altered so it fits perfectly it will look even better...I can't wait.

Jade Williams
Jade Williams 8 May 2018

Oh phew I was thinking this too after I bought my dress a couple of weeks ago, I’m glad it seems to be normal 🙂 X

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 8 May 2018

I definitely felt like this. I kept questioning if I had picked it too fast. It wasn’t until I tried it on again at the seamstress that I felt more confident about it and by the day I absolutely loved it.

Donna Milner
Donna Milner 8 May 2018

I bought the one loved it 50s style dress took me ages to find bought it took bridesmaid shopping and ended up buying another dress so torn with 10 weeks to go x

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 8 May 2018

I was overwhelmed and know exactly how you feel. We put the deposit down on mine and then I went home and forgot what it looked like because it was such a big decision. I then worried for a bit but remembered I loved it at the time. I shouldn’t have worried as when I went back a few months later to try accessories I saw the dress and fell in love with it again. I haven’t seen a dress in any bridal shop window I’ve walked past that I have preferred since.

Lisa Bennett
Lisa Bennett 8 May 2018

I changed mine 🙄 but that was mainly because when I tried it on again I didn’t like it at all 😂

.Melanie Brice
.Melanie Brice 8 May 2018

Sounds like me. I picked a dress, fell in love with it, put my deposit down. it's 2 years to my wedding and everytime I think about my dress I think, am I sure it's the 1. If been back to the shop I'm buying it from twice to try it back on

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 8 May 2018

I got my dress last may I get married in November I've had nightmares about it went back to the shop told them the dress they showed me wasn't mine but had a fitting a few weeks back and know now why I picked the dress

Danielle Marton
Danielle Marton 8 May 2018

I think we all question is it the dress? I usually don't feel that I look fantastic when I put a dress on anyway haha however I've got a dress which I like & because of the price I paid for it I'm altering it do that it will be my dress and even better that I've helped create it !! I'm sure that you will be beautiful in it & your perfect choice :)

Joanne Doyle
Joanne Doyle 8 May 2018

I did but went for second try on and new it definitely was my dress x

Sonia Overfield
Sonia Overfield 8 May 2018

I was unsure until I put the dress back on and showed my mom and bridesmaid there face said it all and put it all together with veil I feel more in love with it

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 8 May 2018

I ordered my dress a year and a half before the wedding, before most of the other details had been arranged. When I tried it on in Feb again for the first time in a year (6m before the wedding) it didn't feel right as it didn't go with how the day is going to turn out and I didn't feel comfortable anyone so I changed it and couldn't be happier :) go with what feels right for you. If you cannot afford to swap then there are some fab seamstresses that can work wonders! I'm sure you will look fab in whichever dress you choose, rock it and have a great day!!

Kathy Deane
Kathy Deane 8 May 2018

I question it all the time. I hated the dress on the hanger. When I tried it on... under duress (the girl in the shop made me and just said trust me!) I cried. That was in December. I've looked at photos and hate it. I see it on the pictures on the model I hate it. I dreaded going in for my fitting. I get married in 5 weeks. I went to the dress shop last week for my first fitting... saw it on the hanger and hated it. I put it on and cried... it's my dress lol. I suppose we all feel nervous about it, it's a massive decision. I mean... fashion changes constantly and we don't always stick to our tastes. God knows the dress I have isn't what I thought I wanted and that's maybe why I didn't pick it. But there's something in those reactions. You'll be fine xxx

Emma Nelson-Bailey
Emma Nelson-Bailey 14 May 2018

Thanks everyone. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has had these feelings. I have a photo of me in the sample dress and although it isn’t quite my size, does look amazing. I think it was more of because it is such a big decision and finally makes it real. Squeeeee. I can’t wait to get my dress in now, 6 months to wait. Good luck to you all in your wedding adventure. Xx


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