Natalie Farrell
Natalie Farrell 30 Apr 2018

I’m not sure where to start. I met soul mate on a random night with...

I’m not sure where to start. I met soul mate on a random night with friends. We dated. Slept in rooms together. He by the way was wanted by many women. Body looks and personality. To good to be true. We were different. After 6/ 7 weeks of dating. Staying in the same bed he never touched me once. I struggled to make the move with the most beautiful person you could meet. During this time and conversation I realised that lee was so unhappy with the life he was subjected to. He respected me. I respected him. He wanted to be loved not used. I had been single for 2 year with no sexual activity in over a year. In the last 21 month We we’re together i got septicaemia. 2 spinal surgeries. Had to learn to walk again. I was a single parent at this time of 3 kids. Working 48 hours regardless of the cards I was dealt. Lee did not sign up to look after me. Nor my children. Pay my mortgage. Help me with physio. Through all this his business nearly went bust. We nearly lost it all. He found a way. And during all this took children to their clubs. He gave me a second chance at walking. My children after 14 years of having no other man in my an experience of family. What a dad means. My 19 year old has ask him to walk her down the isle. His father during this time was in intensive care for 5 weeks. His dog died. Our cat died. His son went missing. How anyone could do what he had done as an outside and inside precious person is beyond the smile in the sky. He has given our family a second and 3 and 4 and financial help. He has never ever ask it back. Nor second guessed his decision. What man walks in to a self made family. Not sex. No touch. Just he loved the bond and strength with my illness. Wanted to give everything up. Work hard and give us chance a life. Lee Trusler is my best friend strongest person there is. I have one wish before I’m wheelchair bound. To marry him on my. Unfortunately finances wont allow us to have any of this. Is there any compatition I could apply for. If I could give a second chance of a family. Adopting my children and marrying him I’d give my last steps to it.



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