UKbride Member Request 30 Apr 2018

I'm so undecided and it's starting to stress me out! Me and my husband to be...

I'm so undecided and it's starting to stress me out! Me and my husband to be cannot decide between a wedding at home with all our friends and family or a destination wedding with a few close ones then a party back at home? Destination wedding is of course cheaper and seems really exciting but I feel so out of control with planning and also slightly guilty as alot of people won't be able to make it overseas who invited us to their weddings etc. A wedding at home would cost so much money but means we can decide on the smaller details and would be amazing to see all our friend and families together! Has anyone else had a similar problem? Any advice would be massively appreciated!

Nichola Latham
Nichola Latham 30 Apr 2018

You need to decide on what’s more important saving money and having a mini adventure or friends and family. You could always set up a web cam to involve those who can’t make the destination wedding. Plus you will be having a party afterwards at home they can go to. Personally I would opt for the adventure, you only live once and it would be something to remember.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 30 Apr 2018

Myself and my husband flew to Las Vegas in June last year, just the 2 of us. We had a proper wedding in the hotel chapel, I wore my wedding dress, he wore his suit, we had professional photographs taken and it was live streamed so everyone back home could watch as we got married. The night before the wedding my brother, his girlfriend and my husbands sister and aunt and uncle flew over to surprise us to attend the ceremony. I couldn’t believe they came all that way for us! We stayed for a week and had the most amazing time. A month after we got home we had a big evening reception which all of our friends and family attended. We had a massive buffet, photo booth, champagne fountain etc. We saved thousands and still had the most amazing wedding. Everyone really enjoyed it. We plan to go back to Vegas for our 5th anniversary. Some of our family were upset that we were going alone but they eventually came round to the idea of why we were doing it. It saved us so much money and we had the time of our lives

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 30 Apr 2018

Yes yes yes!!!!! This was and still is my dilemma. Me and my partner havw booked our wedding in florida and only our parents are coming. Up until about 2 weeks ago we thought our best man and maid of honour would also be there but they told us they could not come. We went through every option of cancelling the wedding rebooking and moving the wedding. But we decide we chose florida for a reason and we're still going to go and have a nice family holiday with our parents. We had a night do booked for the month after somewhere very local and from speaking to the venue in the UK for a very small blessing ceremony (no officiant just family doing poems and readings) it wouldn't be much more so we've also booked that. We will be wearing our wedding gear so everyone gets to see us in our dress and suit xx

Mand East
Mand East 30 Apr 2018

I am doing mine at home but I have still cut costs I have spent £2600 and that every thing i just ask family and friends to see who could help with hair photo cake make up car etc I used wish a lot and eBay etc you can still cut costs down

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 30 Apr 2018

I had the same problem but in the end I chose a home wedding because I really wanted my grandparents to be able to attend. I don't regret it but it was definitely more stressful than if we had gone abroad.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 30 Apr 2018

Same here! Looking at lots of packages- it seems that they take care of most things for you so it's just a case of finding and booking the right package for you.

Clare Mayfield
Clare Mayfield 30 Apr 2018

We are getting married abroad in is going to be so much cheaper having 2 weeks away rather than 1 day... If tbey want to be at your wedding they will be there. We are only having immediate family and not having anything when we get home... It is your day no-one have to do what is best for you xxx

Michele Li
Michele Li 30 Apr 2018

Just bear in mind that while it may be cheaper for you to have a wedding abroad, it may be more expensive for your guests to travel, depending on location and timing etc, and they may not have the time off if you do it during the week. I disagree with people who say if guests really want to be there, they will, because sometimes the expense is too high; everyone has different financial situations and priorities. Though perhaps it's a great way to keep the guestlist short!


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