Joanne Woodward
Joanne Woodward 28 Apr 2018

Hi ladies I'm 5ft 3in and have a large bum and a bit of a tummy. I'm...

Hi ladies I'm 5ft 3in and have a large bum and a bit of a tummy. I'm stressing already about dress shopping anyone else feel like it's the worst part of getting married? I can't think of anything worse than dress shopping as I feel nothing's going to look good on me given my height and shape x

Michaela Sharp
Michaela Sharp 28 Apr 2018

Hi I'm 5ft 2 and dreading shopping. I can't walk in high heels and all the dresses online are always on 6ft size 8 models. Will I find a dress I love that suits my height and shape :(

Jaz Nokes
Jaz Nokes 29 Apr 2018

Hiya, I'm 5'4 and hate heels haha so I'm just gonna make sure they shorten the dress for me right and I'm not bothering with heels I'm gonna wear flats as that is what I am most comfortable in. Yes there is a lot of pressure to look great on your wedding day but we put most of that pressure on ourselves when we aren't always the best judge. Sometimes I feel absolutely horrible and yet my partner and mum will always think the opposite, it's also worth knowing that you will look amazing on your wedding as no one has ever seen you dress up that much. Regarding your figure I know many people of a similar shape and I think they look absolutely beautiful, they wear it with confidence and so should you!

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 29 Apr 2018

Please don't stress (says me who has the same issues although I'm 3in taller). Go shopping and enjoy it. Personally I bought online from debenhams and bought something with a lovely soft chiffon over satin. It is a little long (3in) but I am having a dressmaker take it up. I also liked it because it has floaty sleeves but as I am conscious of my bingo wings I am having a slightly longer piece of chiffon put in so that I feel more comfortable. Everything is possible and what people have said to me is that I mustn't worry so much as my happiness will shine through. Good luck.

Joanne Woodward
Joanne Woodward 29 Apr 2018

Thought maybe I was the my person who felt like this but thanks for your comments ladies I feel a little better now x


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