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H2B and I are getting married October 2019 and we are planning on going...

H2B and I are getting married October 2019 and we are planning on going straight on honeymoon (If not straight from the reception, then the following day) and it's looking likely that we will be going to Mexico (Cancun). However, what is the best site/travel agent to go with to get the best honeymoon type deal, as we don't want to end up in a hotel full of families or groups of people (Hen/stag/Spring break). Or is it best to try and book everything on your own? The plan for the honeymoon is to just relax, enjoy the sun, food, cocktails and being with each-other, but also don't mind venturing out a couple of times to experience the local culture We want to get a good deal but happy to pay abit more for certain facilities. Ideally All inclusive. Has anyone been to Mexico for a honeymoon and have an recommendations for which hotels were better suited to Honeymooners or any particular travel sites/agents which got the best deal? It's just hard searching around on the internet at all these different companies and not knowing which one is better value. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks

Kirstine Blackwell
Kirstine Blackwell 17 Apr 2018

Having looked at honeymoons the one thing I have noticed is if you say it’s a honeymoon they put 2000 on the price. We are now going to Aruba as a platinum holiday for adults to a 5 hotel and it works out so much cheaper than saying it’s a honeymoon. Hope this helps. Good luck


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