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My Fiancé and I are hoping to get married in June 2018, we are in the...

My Fiancé and I are hoping to get married in June 2018, we are in the process of finalising all the paperwork etc. However we are really stuck on who to invite. We originally wanted a simple elopement and had considered Gretna Green (made our situation easier as they could provide witnesses); however, didn't like it once we looked round. We have decided on our venue, we will only be having a ceremony, no reception etc. Heres the dilemma. My Fiancé, sisters and mum do NOT get along with my dad (they all have their own reasons which are MORE than acceptable), and my Fiance's family have not met my dad. However, I currently live with him and he has always tried to do whats best for me. I will be moving out 2 weeks before or the day after our wedding day. I know if I invite him it will be awkward for my family and my partner; but I'm worried if I don't invite him our relationship will sour.. I don't know whether to invite him or not? Any advice welcome!

Jaz Nokes
Jaz Nokes 9 Apr 2018

Do whatever is in your heart, your wedding is about you and your fiance and nobody else, who do you want to share this special moment with? Also consider that at most weddings most people will appreciate it's your day and get over their personal feelings, my partners mum and dad don't get along but they've both agreed to put it aside for one day xx


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