Becky Moss
Becky Moss 3 Apr 2018

Ok so planning our wedding and av seen a few posts on here about maid of...

Ok so planning our wedding and av seen a few posts on here about maid of honours and bridesmaids getting involved is it bad that i dont want any help arranging our wedding obviously i would like them there for dress shopping for the bridesmaid dresses good job nothing has been mentioned just yet but just wanted to get ppls thoughts on this thanks xx

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 3 Apr 2018

Hi if you want to do as much as you can good for you but don't be afraid to ask if you need any help :)

Becky Moss
Becky Moss 3 Apr 2018

Thats a good point it could get a bit stressful thanks xxx

Tanya Alexander
Tanya Alexander 3 Apr 2018

Me and my h2b are organising everything ourselves. I’m choosing the bridesmaids dresses . They don’t have a choice all they have it’s to try on.
Me and partner will and have taken opinions on board and all that other than that. We doing everything ourselves. It’s less argo I have found.

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 3 Apr 2018

I would rather make the decisions myself with the help of H2B than get lots of other opinions. If I require help I will ask. Have involved a friend to oversee things on the day but we will have discussed and she will be making sure everything is as I want it.

Becky Moss
Becky Moss 3 Apr 2018

I am exactly the same i dont want to be in a position where i have to disagree with anyone about my own wedding xxx

Michelle Sprules
Michelle Sprules 5 Apr 2018

I had my moh come with me to appointments to get another woman's perspective. Other than that, I have arranged everything

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 5 Apr 2018

I'm having one bridesmaid. She and my mum are helping choose dresses but when it comes to decorations and colours, that's all me. I know what I want so no point asking for help unless I'm unsure on something :)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 5 Apr 2018

That's just made up rules for the role of the bridal party. You don't see the best man getting involved in wedding planning,so why would the female equivalent do so?The bride and groom plan their own wedding,any help offered (not forced!) is great but it isn't essential

Michelle Rew
Michelle Rew 5 Apr 2018

All of my party have been excellent in being there when I need them to be and leaving me to it with the rest , exactly as I'd like it. Not bad that you want to do it yourself at all, too many chiefs an' all that lol x

Sandra Modesto
Sandra Modesto 5 Apr 2018

That all depends!! I am more like Monica from friends and love anything that is event organising, my h2b is very chilled and is more than happy to be kept in the loop but not get involved! When it comes to my bridesmaids they also very chilled, they would give me a genuine opinion and they would definitely tell me if I’m setting myself for disaster. When it comes to dresses I disagree with the ‘they shall wear what I’m getting them’ I know it’s my day but I cannot inflict on my best friends something that will not complement their figure!

Cathy McBrearty
Cathy McBrearty 5 Apr 2018

Me and my h2b have done most of the planning ourselves. My Bms have been involved in choosing their dresses, fittings etc and organising my hen weekend. I set up a private fb chat for us to talk all things wedding (hairstyles, accessories, shoes) I have also told them if I am going to a wedding fayre or certain appts and left it open for them to come along if they want to, with no pressure to get involved.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 5 Apr 2018

I've never heard of maids planning the wedding, more helping. I got my maids on glueing, sticking, painting and collecting duties. My MOH did plan my hen do. They were there more to bounce ideas off.

Suki Charlton
Suki Charlton 5 Apr 2018

I made mine very simple, I'm having 2 flower girls which are my little girls and no bridesmaids. I have done all the decorating and things exactly how I want, so less stressful that way and lots of fun! X

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 5 Apr 2018

I don’t want help ether your not alone

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 5 Apr 2018

Me and my H2B will be doing all our planning together (except my dress) but I'll let my bridesmaids do my hen night as I know his best man is doing his. Haven't completely decided in terms of bridesmaid dresses, I want them the same but all comfortable. So they may have some input on style but we've already picked the colour.

Emma Banks
Emma Banks 5 Apr 2018

I’ve not had help from anyone I’m enjoying doing it all myself so don’t feel bad

Gayle Houliston
Gayle Houliston 5 Apr 2018

I want as much of our wedding to be a surprise as possible so doing most things myself!

Kirsty Gelder
Kirsty Gelder 5 Apr 2018

It's myself and h2b making decisions with ideas from my mum and mother in law to be. I'm fussy so would rather sort it ourselves.

Suzanne Hunton
Suzanne Hunton 5 Apr 2018

I've tried to find the latest copy of the Legal Statutes as Regards Wedding Etiquette, but haven't been successful yet - as far as I can remember from my first bash though, it's not compulsory so you won't face any legal ramifications for not involving people you don't actually want, or need, to involve. I'd say just crack on doing it the way that's making you happy :)

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 5 Apr 2018

I personally think it's up to the bride and groom to organise as it's their day. My sister (maid of honour) has helped out a lot because she wanted to and it's been good to have her input as she has an art background so is able to see what will work and what won't. She also designed our stationary. It is completely up to you if you want to do it all yourself.

Rhiannon Murphy
Rhiannon Murphy 5 Apr 2018

I am exactly the same O would prefer it to be how I want. To keep them happy I have been keeping them updated with my plans and ideas.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 5 Apr 2018

Me and my H2B haven't really asked anyone for their opinion for alot of our wedding and that's simply because we know what we want. The only time I call on my bridesmaids for opinions or thoughts is when I ask my maid of honour who is also my sister... as much as I love my other bridesmaids I don't feel the need to involve them with everything... I only do so with my sister and my mum. Xx


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