Kirstine Blackwell
Kirstine Blackwell 29 Mar 2018

Is it wrong to feel very organised, I have a pin board in the kitchen that...

Is it wrong to feel very organised, I have a pin board in the kitchen that all my ideas are on( apart from the dress obviously) I've booked most the large things, i.e., venu, DJ, cars, photographer colours, table themes, save the date cards. Looked at invites. Table plans are done. But am I missing anything? Getting married in August 19. My only concern is I've done the paper work for bonds of marriage at the church, given it to the vicar and not heard from him , should I of? What happens next? I'm just don't no.

Jane Webb
Jane Webb 29 Mar 2018

You sound just as organised as me 🙂 The vicar will contact you nearer the time x

Carolyn Thomas
Carolyn Thomas 29 Mar 2018

Ive only got the cake and dress to do for a September 2019 wedding. Looking forward to relaxing knowing its all organized x

Cher Foakes
Cher Foakes 29 Mar 2018

No this is good! We get married a year tomorrow (eeeeek!) and so far we have booked venue and paid deposit, booked photographer and paid deposit, got the registrar organised and ringing up next week to give notice (can only do that a year or under before your date) we have hired suits (paid in full) got our flowers already (artificial) picked up our rings today and i have got my dress! We will already be at venue night before so transport isnt needed so we have booked rooms too, im now looking at shoes to hopefully get them before my dress is back so i can see to alterations etc we hve also booked a photobooth and paid deposit and got our cake sorted too, its good to be organised! Im usually a leave it till last minute person but so glad we aren’t like that with this as i would panic and faff too much haha its good to take ur time looking around etc but its a nicer feeling knowing something has been done and ticked off the list! Xxx

Alanna May
Alanna May 29 Mar 2018

If you are concerned just check with the vicar but you sound pretty organised x

Sharon  Fowles
Sharon Fowles 29 Mar 2018

If the bonds are similar to doing the Banns for a marriage ( giving notice) thats not usually done so early.. We are getting married August 2018, & did ours a few weeks ago.. Maybe the vicar is holding them til its time... Have you paid for that.. The Banns we did were £35 each..

Suki Charlton
Suki Charlton 29 Mar 2018

I've had only 6 months to plan everything, the only thing left to do is the ' I do' very excited, roll on the 11th May 👰🤵

Leanne Rees
Leanne Rees 29 Mar 2018

Im getting married in August 2019 and ive got venue, registra, photographer, candy stall, photobooth booked so far next on my list is a band and cars then il calm down abit 🤣 but my wedding planner wants my colour scheme etc next week but they sort all the decorations etc out. Thing is things get booked up so quickly and i can now relax abit the main things are done x

Bethan Roberts
Bethan Roberts 29 Mar 2018

Give him a call and check he received then ask when you need to pay deposit 🙂 it will settle your mind xx

Emily Finch
Emily Finch 29 Mar 2018

Me and my fiancé are getting married August 19 too and we’ve got all main things booked and deposits paid and also have all the smaller items such as table decorations planned etc, I’d rather be organised and have to time to buy everything and plan it properly than worry mid next year that nothing is done and I’ve left it too late 🙂

Rebecca Simmons
Rebecca Simmons 29 Mar 2018

Gosh I need to get a wriggle on it seems ..
I'm August 2019 but pretty much just have the venue, church prep underway and music band so far. And had a dress appointment yesterday but haven't said yes yet 😂

Marie Richardson
Marie Richardson 29 Mar 2018

I'm Aug 19 too and we have venue, registrar, photo booth, dj, accommodation sorted. I'm making my own save the dates, invites, table plan, favour and flowers myself. ( I make cards and invites as my job) I've ordered some different flowers to pick the ones I like the best. I feel like I'm super organised and worrying it's been a bit too easy x

Deanna Penney
Deanna Penney 29 Mar 2018

Honestly it’s actually nice to hear someone else being so organised. I’ve had so much stick from people who think I’ve done things too early! Getting married June 2019 and got engaged May 2017 and had pretty much everything booked before Christmas. Even got my dress and the bridesmaids dresses. Only things we have left to do are table favours, invitations and other stationary, suits and honeymoon. Also getting married in a church and we have our banns read on 3 consecutive Sundays 3 months before the day. I’ve been emailing everyone back and forth with every question imaginable just so I’m kept in the loop.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 30 Mar 2018

I'm getting married 2 years from now and I've already got wedding dress and veil, it's ok to b organised

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 30 Mar 2018

How are your table plans done when you haven't even sent out invites yet?? Sounds like you're on the ball and you have loooads of time to make sure everything's sorted, relax and enjoy the planning :) doesn't sound like you're missing anything and I wouldn't chase the vicar just yet, its over a year in advance they probably have weddings this year to deal with and just haven't needed to contact you just yet...give it till maybe August this year and then get in touch :)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 30 Mar 2018

Wow you are organised! Table plan done too... be careful you don’t do too much too early because new things come out and you’ll be stuck with last years designs etc. I’d wait a little bit now you don’t want to take the excitement away from yourself towards the end. X

Kirstine Blackwell
Kirstine Blackwell 30 Mar 2018

ive done the table plans just with people i want to invite. obviously subject to change. ive also just learnt how to do my own buttonholes, they are so expensive from a florist, and its so easy too, ive ordered the stuff needed from ebay. so i'll keep you posted as to how it goes. as for the vicar i rang him yesterday, i couldn't any longer, he said he'll be in touch the beginning of next year as he doesnt know how much it will cost yet. i'm doing all my favours myself too so that will keep me busy for a while. i've tried on wedding dresses, but haven't said yes yet. sounds like i'm not the only one organized. well done everyone. keep us updated.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 30 Mar 2018

We've been the same booked all the major bits last March were suppose to get married August 25th this year but managed to move everything to July 2019 due to and unexpected bundle of joy arriving around August 5th x

Pauline Vannet
Pauline Vannet 30 Mar 2018

I'm getting married in Aug 2020 and have all the main things booked, venue, disco, photographer, humanist, piper, cake and hv got my dress lol it's gd to be organised better than stressing too much xx good luck to all you lovely brides to be ❤ xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 31 Mar 2018

I've already been booted off Pintrest once for pinning too much stuff! So far we've booked venue for June 19, it comes with a DJ, photographer and forest. I've meet the photographer in February and spoken to the florest who said she'll contact me in the summer to go through what we want more I've started growing my table centre pieces (herbs and lavender), bought my dress, made and posted save the date cards and started designing my invitations. We've decided on our cake (just need to book it), paid honeymoon deposits

Gill Spedding
Gill Figliolini 2 Apr 2018

No im very organised lists prices payments made and now i get married in 2 days and i still have final lists for me and my groom i hate being disorganised x


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