UKbride Member Request 16 Mar 2018

How's 2020 brides coping with the waiting.... I want to do stuff/book...

How's 2020 brides coping with the waiting.... I want to do stuff/book stuff, but its just so far away! I'm almost at the 2 year mark and maybe it now won't sound so insane when i enquire... (Wish i could marry earlier, but cannot for many reasons)

Rachel Fraser
Rachel Fraser 16 Mar 2018

The wait is killing me! I wish it would hurry up, but at the same time I'm glad it's far away so it gives us plenty of time to save and plan and not do everything last minute. Ive put lots of pictures of ideas, samples and different bits of info in my wedding planner and started a guest list to get ideas of numbers. We will be booking a venue in July when we go to see them. Finding it really annoying not being able to do anything until then. X

Rhian Priest-Dibben
Rhian Priest-Dibben 19 Mar 2018

I'm May 2020, and booked venue and registrar but that's it.
I have loads i want to do, but just too early :( and the savings is defo one of the reasons we waited (need more money haha!)


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