Jessica Fairhurst
Jessica Fairhurst 7 Mar 2018

Guest list problems!!! So i have a MASSIVE family very close to most of them...

Guest list problems!!! So i have a MASSIVE family very close to most of them however because its such a big family i do have astranged family feel like i need to invite them because theyre family even though we dont speak... i dont want to upset anyone but my guest list is too big and i need to make some cuts????????

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 8 Mar 2018

Hi you will not have to invite the family that you are estranged from. I am not inviting people that I no longer see or speak to :)

Christine Aldred
Christine Aldred 8 Mar 2018

It's your day, invite who you want to spend this special time with, would you go to theirs if you don't speak to or see them? Xx

Tilly Hebbes
Tilly Hebbes 8 Mar 2018

If you will feel uncomfortable talking to them on the day don't invite them- it's your day so make sure it's special to you xx

Natalie Casey
Natalie Casey 8 Mar 2018

Invite who you want too. It’s your day so you should spend your day with who you and your partner want. If you don’t speak or spend time with people outside of the wedding then I personally wouldn’t invite them x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 8 Mar 2018

I invited my auntie and uncle who we haven't spoke to in years and they declined the invatation

Deanna Leanne
Deanna Leanne 8 Mar 2018

I'm not inviting some of my mum's siblings but not all and one of my aunties I'm only inviting 2/3 of their kids. It's your day, no-one elses. Our wedding is going to be about the people who are constants in our life not people who dip in and out at family occasions etc

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 8 Mar 2018

I have a huge family, some of them I don't speak to. I invited those I still speak to, see or spent most of my childhood with. Those who I speak to but didn't invite seemed to understand. I never even invited my sister who up until about a year n half ago I spoke to, but my niece was MOH and nephew was an usher. It's just how it is. I can't imagine they'll be that bothered if you're estranged from them.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 8 Mar 2018

Stick to grandparents aunts and uncles then cousins and anyone else invited to the night only

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 8 Mar 2018

Due to number constraints ( venue size & cost) our daughter only invited aunts & uncles none of her cousins and their children. She hasn't seen them in 15yrs easy decision. Good luck.xx

Susie Booth
Susie Booth 9 Mar 2018

Invite who you want ...your wedding. I've invited 3 of my 6 aunt/uncles simple because I have not seen the others for years and I don't feel guilty at all. In fact I have not even invited my brother for the same reason x

Lauren Hayes
Lauren Hayes 9 Mar 2018

I’m having the same problem. I feel bad for not inviting someone brother or sister for example but I hardly speak to them, only on the rare occasion x

Amy Bickmore
Amy Bickmore 10 Mar 2018

We are only having people at our wedding who we see and speak to regularly.

Sharon  Fowles
Sharon Fowles 11 Mar 2018

Agree with others invite those you want there.. Half of my family are estranged, and people i thought wouldnt miss it for the world, have RSVP'd that they are unable to come due to holidays they booked since i told them date of wedding 12months ago. Which i was hurt by, at time. But now i have realised those that really matter & care, will be there..

Kayleigh E Alman
Kayleigh E Alman 11 Mar 2018

We’re only inviting people who we actually talk to and if we haven’t spoken to them in a while or don’t talk at all then we’re not inviting them, no point 🙂 I don’t see why you should both with them when they don’t bother with you x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 11 Mar 2018

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