Jenny Curran
Jenny Curran 7 Mar 2018

Wondering if anyone knows anything about this situation me and my soon to be...

Wondering if anyone knows anything about this situation me and my soon to be husband are having I originally had his sister as my maid of honour and she decided to cause as much trouble as possible for us and then when confronted she backed down as maid of honour so I turned to what I thought was my friend who I’ve known for years and is my daughters godmother and she agreed to be maid of honour and everything was going great got her dress and shoes tried them on her all fine then 6 weeks ago she decides to stab me in the back so I ended up with again no maid of honour so my soon to be husband asked his cousins if they would stand in just for the church for us both they both agreed and we both was happy as we have our heart set on a certain song for me to walk down the aisle with and everyone was walking before me at certain points in the song everything was timed to perfection for walking down the aisle then his cousin decided she no longer had the time all because we asked her if she can try the dress on to see if it fits her so she backed out and the other cousin who said she would if her sister wouldn’t decided it was funny for the sisters to kind of like big us up and drop us down (they had a really good laugh at our expense) we didn’t find it funny at all so my partner asked another female cousin she said yes and now is messing us around, I came up with another solution which I haven’t heard of being done or ever seen before in a Church of England church in Liverpool if instead I had a man of honour instead of maid of honour me and my partner are unsure if the church would not allow it wondering if anyone has done this before in a c of e church we have tried to contact the church but can’t get through as the clergy who is marrying us is on holiday at the moment

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 7 Mar 2018

Hi I think you have had some bad luck with your choices. Do you time to wait for the vicar to return from his hols ?

Jenny Curran
Jenny Curran 13 Mar 2018

Going to see vicar tonight so I’m keeping my fingers crossed


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