Louise Major
Louise Major 5 Mar 2018

Hi all, I was just wanting some advice were getting married may 2019 and was...

Hi all, I was just wanting some advice were getting married may 2019 and was wondering when is the best time to go dress shopping?

Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith 5 Mar 2018

Congratulations Louise! Most shops say at least 12 months before to allow time for the dress to be ordered, come in to your store and for you to have your alterations. Some designers can take longer and some shorter but most advice says at least 12 months. Then you have places like wed2b where u r buying a dress off the rack so you could leave it till much closer to your wedding. Another good idea is to go at the time off year that u will be getting married so u know whether ur dress will be too hot or cold or heavy etc for when u r getting married. Hope this helps! X

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 5 Mar 2018

Hi you can start looking now but don't buy before 8-6 months before wedding :)

Romy Bettles
Romy Bettles 6 Mar 2018

I brought my dress a year ago and I’m not getting married until next year but only because I saw one I fell in love with and they said it would be out of season by the time it was my wedding so if you have seen one you like I would go try it on if not they usually say a year before so they have time to make it and then time for any amendments once it arrives enjoy shopping though and I would try on as many as you can even if you don’t like it on the hanger it will look completely different on x


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