UKbride Member Request 4 Mar 2018

Hi I’ve just set my date to get married in 2020 I’ve told my mum and dad...

Hi I’ve just set my date to get married in 2020 I’ve told my mum and dad my good news an they have said that they won’t be able to attend due to religious reasons. (I know that they can’t spend time with me socialising as I got kicked out of the religion when I was 17-18. But we live so far apart an takes 4 hours to go and see them) A few months ago I told them that we was looking for venues an thats when they told me, that they wasn’t going to come. I was sat on the bus coming home from work balling my eyes out. An now I’ve booked the venue and told them the good news they still say that they won’t come, an also said that they will still buy us a present and look after the children for us when we go on our honeymoon. Which has really upset me not only does this mean that no help with planning as they live so far away but not coming to my one special day plus no one to walk me down the aisle as I don’t have a brother or a close male friend. My h2b has been so supportive and said that it’s their loss and can’t understand why they would do this. I’m just feeling so low that they won’t be there. An who would I ask to walk me down the aisle or is walking down the aisle alone ok. Or can I ask one of my h2b male friends to walk me down? I’m so confused an don’t know what to do.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 4 Mar 2018

Hi sorry to hear your news you can walk down the aisle on your own, you can also ask one of your H3b's mates to walk you down the aisle good luck :)

Amy Glave
Amy Glave 4 Mar 2018

This is very sad, and your h2b is right, it is their loss. But it is what it is so now you should just try to enjoy this experience as hard as it may be.
Walking down the aisle on your own is fine too and I’m sure you will have an amazing day regardless. Good luck and congratulations xxx


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