UKbride Member Request 28 Feb 2018

HELP! So last year I ordered all of my dresses and 3/4 of my bridesmaids...

HELP! So last year I ordered all of my dresses and 3/4 of my bridesmaids tried their dresses on and they fit perfectly... now heres where it gets complicated, one of the 3 that did try it on is now pregnant and the dress wont fit her as she will be 6 months gone by the time the wedding rolls around. I have spoken to my seamstress and there is nothing she can do so that she will fit in the dress, the place I got them from has now discontinued the dress AND I cannot exchange as they have a 14 day policy which was surpassed months ago! the 4th bridesmaid that is yet to try her dress on asked me to order a size down from where she is and refused to try on the dress until she had lost weight... its 4 months away and she will be trying it on this weekend. If I have two bridesmaid that dont fit what do I do?! My now pregnant bridesmaid has said she would step out if I wanted her too, but I feel really guilty (although she hasn't seemed bothered about anything, i.e. not meeting the other bridesmaids and generally not being bothered). I really don't want to lose over £178 if two of them dont fit and then have to buy new dresses. Is it acceptable to ask them both to step down if neither of them fit in the dresses?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 28 Feb 2018

Hi it is acceptable why should you fork out more money , everything costs so much anyway :)

Romy Bettles
Romy Bettles 28 Feb 2018

Your pregnant friend is happy to drop down so I would let her regarding your other friend I don’t get why she hasn’t tried it on to see how much weight she needs to lose or from what area so if that doesn’t fit that is her own fault and she will probabaly say she will step down anyway if she can’t fit in it

Cath Evans
Cath Evans 17 Mar 2018

Get them to buy the dresses.. have two in one kind and two in another in the same colour... sell the two you have on wedding pages on Facebook and then give them the money you get from selling the original dresses xx if there not willing to do this then ask them to step down and come as guests xx


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