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I put a post up yesterday and no one seems to have read it, just jumping to...

I put a post up yesterday and no one seems to have read it, just jumping to conclusions, let me put it this way, i have a member of my family doing my photography, a member of the family doing the videotape, a friend of the family doing cheap flowers and a friend of the family doing the cake cheap, apart from that I have no parents that own a pub... I have no friends to really on to bake a cake or do my catering or get decorations.... I’m wanting advice on how to cut down not for people to tell me what they did and how much help they get, I don’t mean to be rude but I’m after help and advice not to have it rubbed in my face that my wedding is going to be shit.... I’m wanting advice on the fact that my menu is bacon and sausage sandwiches and an evening buffet and my venue is a cricket club whilst a cricket match will be playing..... on top of that there will be no decorations as there two expensive but yet my wedding is still over £5000.... I’m wanting advice on what to do as I’m getting really frustrated with it all, thank you in advance

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 28 Feb 2018

Hi, I read your post but don't remember you putting the amount of detail in about what you are doing. It might help if you gave amounts of what you are spending on what and what is included. That way people may be able to give informed suggestions as to where you could cut back.

Romy Bettles
Romy Bettles 28 Feb 2018

How many people have you got coming?

Sophie Watson
Sophie Watson 28 Feb 2018

I realised after I’d put the post up but a lot of the comments from yesterday were not helping it was my family did this and my wedding was this, made me feel so small and I’d prefer a smaller wedding but because of the amount of family there will be 90 odd, and we live in Harrogate uk and things here are not cheap on top of mentioning the W word prices triple

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 28 Feb 2018

There are lots of things you can do. You havn't given a timeframe either. There is a site which has lots of stuff come up on a daily basis to decorate your venue if you want (some is pricy but some not), Charity shops have things too if you go with an open mind and an idea of what you want (our local charity shop had a LOVE sign with LED lights for £4). Planning is key. Look around, get ideas and see what you can do yourself. Try to have someone to oversee things on the day so that you don't get stressed out.

hannah foster
hannah foster 28 Feb 2018

Most people give advice based on their own experience, not just on this site but in general.
Maybe try doing your own decorations i.e bunting or look on gumtree, Facebook for people selling there decs cheap.
Yours won't be rubbish because it's yours and it doesn't matter what other ppl do. Plus you won't remember the little details like decs you'll remember the atmosphere, the look on your husbands face e.g.. a day is what you make it and that includes a wedding

Anya Williams
Anya Williams 28 Feb 2018

Firstly, i doubt your wedding will be shit. For me a wedding isnt about the venue, the food, the decorations, the cake. Its about watching someone marry the person they love.

When are you getting married and how many guests are you expecting for daytime and evening?

Try your hand at making a cake/cupcakes yourself? M&S you can get a plain white or ivory (chocolate, fruit or sponge) 3 tier cake for £54. One or two tiers would be less. Ask your flower person to use off cuts to decorate the cake. (My florist is doing this)

Shop around for catering. Personally I would have buffet for daytime and bacon/sausage sarnies for evening.

Also if you want to do centrepieces or something try places like the range...big mason jars and candles? Fairy lights in mason jars?

Most of all, stop stressing. The main priority is your marrying the person you love! What everyone else thinks is irrelevant. X

Bethany Hardcastle
Bethany Hardcastle 28 Feb 2018

If your wanting to decorate tables and that go on eBay plastic table clothes 20 cost about 10 you can get so much ribbon in any colour and so many metres for 5 pound as for table decorations just get some empty coffee jars put some ribbon round with some water beads whitch are 1 pound and put some baby breathe flowers in its what I'm doing as my wedding buget is spent on other things if you go on YouTube and type in wedding on a buget loads of stuff comes up to help save money and still look amazing x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 Feb 2018

I'm yet to start playing anything!! We just got a house so will be spending aaaaall out money on that (seemed a good idea at the time lol) and iv been looking into doing it on the cheap! Like making the buffet myself ECT the one thing if seen is that marks and Spencer's do some lovely looking cakes for quite cheap!
Decorations you could do yourself too, pictures of all the things you guys have done together, big ones, small ones,colour, black and white... from holidays or day trips or just general day to day photos!
Literally thinking as I type this lol
Lots of pubs sometimes do free function room hire if you put some money behind the bar
Hope this helped x

Trina Bell
Trina Bell 28 Feb 2018

is there a possibility you could have a reg office and renew your vows in a few years, and book a resturant as a reception for the meal, and a hall after? fake flowers, make decorations yourself (possibly get friend/fam to help) cake get a cheap one from m&s and jus decorate yourself, that would save some money, (im only just starting to plan ours and am finding it pricey already only person i know is a cake maker) so am doing it all without any help (sis is helping me choose dress/ bridesmaids) i get this is the biggest day of your life but as long as you and hubby to be are there does it really matter what other people think about it? personaly id love to have bacon sandwiches but dont think htb would agree🤣 good luck hun n dont stress yourself about it xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 Feb 2018

Your wedding won't be shit,I'm in pretty much the same bat as you but my wedding is still costing £5,000. Look on amazon for bargains for decorations etc. Any advice or help you need,inbox me. Xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 Feb 2018


Shelley Rayworth
Shelley Rayworth 28 Feb 2018

Try they're really cheap or go on Pinterest for ideas and making your own decorations. You can buy plain iced cakes from asda/tesco an fake flowers are all in at the minute x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 Feb 2018

Cake... asda do a wedding style cake, our family members had it for their wedding and just added coloured ribbon of there choice to it. Did the job perfectly.

Ebay/Amazon is a god send for cheaper decorations/artificial flowers. My sister in law made all her own table pieces, they had a registry office and then a local pub and got helium balloons from the local card shops and she made centre pieces out of coffee jars, and used orbeez (water balls) from ebay. Finished with a bit of lace. They were lovely.

You can get quite a few personalised bits on Etsy, they do printable signs etc, so you could buy table numbers off there and put them into nice photo frames from any shops. Or you can do personalised mr and Mrs signs the same way.

Ebay also do great save the dates/invitations! A bit of searching on there and you can get your costs down quite a lot.

The thing I’ve found most expensive part is a photographer, If you have Facebook groups from your area online you could place a recommendation request on one of them and there may be someone who could help or someone who does it as a hobby?

Just ideas to help you along the way. Your wedding won’t be shit at all, your marrying the love of your life and at the end of the day it’s your day so it will be special to you no matter what. We all get the same marriage certificate at the end of the day, no matter if we spend £500,£5000 or £50,000.
Try not to feel to pressured and try taking a peek at a few of the stores you wouldn’t expect.
Don’t know if you have these shops near you but they’re great for little bits and bobs that will help you or, Poundland, b&m, the range, home bargains. Primark.
Online try Etsy, Amazon, ebay. xxx

Becky Harris
Becky Harris 28 Feb 2018

As for the sausage and bacon baps I think this is a great cousin did it for her wedding and they went down and absolute treat and I plan to do it for mine. As for decorations like a few people have mentioned if you don’t mind putting stuff together you can get some good quality and cheap items on eBay or amazon. I hope this helps

Leanne Templeton
Leanne Templeton 28 Feb 2018

I've seen a few folk have a later ceremony and skip the meal altogether just have a buffet at night, cars aren't necessary and a big expense, I got my dress from gillian's bridal only £250, not having a wedding party really just us and our kids, immediate family during the day the rest at night, if you can't stretch to a band some djs are reasonable failing that put a note on the RSVP asking for song requests and make a playlist on your phone/tablet, can get cheaper make up done in some big stores or contact your local beauty college students are normally looking for people to do hair and make up on for their portfolios, possibly the same with photography students, replace a cake with cupcakes or donuts( 3d cakes do great offers on groupon), decor wise you can hire table linen if you don't want to go for banqueting roll, balloons can be nice and relatively cheap if you do them yourselves, I did a starlight wall in my daughter's room with things from Amazon cost me under £40. Don't worry about it being shit people that are guests are there to celebrate your special day not to judge you have them forget a present and bring their own bottle and a dish for the buffet and they'll have a ball, personally I prefer relaxed and simple I'm not fancy and hate trying to pretend I am x I'm sure you'll have a fab day once you relax good luck x

Bethan Roberts
Bethan Roberts 28 Feb 2018

Could you not have a later wedding,
Cut out the day time meal and just have an evening meal, maybe have hot food in the evening? That would be cheaper x

Gemma Collins
Gemma Collins 28 Feb 2018

Ali express is good for bits and bobs cheap

Lauren Georgina
Lauren Georgina 28 Feb 2018

In terms of a cake have you thought about a costco cake? I know not ideal for a wedding cake however i think a large tray bakes about 10.00 and should be able to personalise it?

Stacee Humphrey
Stacee Humphrey 28 Feb 2018

Don’t ever feel like your wedding is going to be shit.
Don’t worry about all the added extras. At the end of the day, the wedding is for two people in love getting married! The rest is irrelevant.

I know exactly how you feel. I’m only having a church and church hall for reception. You get many people saying what they have and how many people are paying for this and that and it makes you question whether yours is good enough or not. Our budget is small too.
Don’t over think about it and just enjoy the day! eBay and Amazon are amazing to keep budget down and preowned wedding sites are the best! 🙂 xx

Anne-Marie Johnstone
Anne-Marie Johnstone 28 Feb 2018

That certainly isn’t the way to be asking for help and advice. Most people can only give advice based on there own experiences. None of this I’m sure is done in a way as to belittle you. If ur so easily offended about the advice that people have to give then i suggest you sit back and read posts and take hints and tips without directly asking yourself. I did see your post but with little to no detail it was hard to comment on. Sure many others felt the same. We are all in a similar position and cost is a big thing to us all. Relaxing is certainly where i’d be advising you to start.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 Feb 2018

A wedding isn't about the venue or what you are having to eat. It is about the two of you getting married. What have you spent that it has came to that amount when you seem to be being careful. If the venue is costing that much then change it. Shop around for prices. M&S do wedding cakes and they are not expensive. I did my wedding at a hotel for 50 day guests and 50 evening guests for £5000 and that was everything from photographer, flowers, cars etc to the reception and dresses. Write down what all you are spending to see where it is adding up.

Emma Turton
Emma Turton 28 Feb 2018

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UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 Feb 2018

Stop stressing about it. Don’t buy anything you can’t afford. I didn’t do decorations because they were too expensive and no one complained that it looked shit, I just had a simple buffet (can be done super cheap if you do it yourself)
The only thing you really need is a ceremony venue and registrar/priest, everything else is just fluff, it doesn’t really matter and you won’t care about it after the day. As long as you get married, have photos to look back on and have an amazing day, that’s all that matters xx

Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson 28 Feb 2018

We've found home bargains, what store & B&M a god send for picking up cheap venue decorations. Also local sale groups on Facebook where people have sold off their wedding decorations or second hand items we're revamping ourselves. We can totally relate to the inflated costs, it's crazy. Good luck, I'm sure you'll have an amazing day x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 Feb 2018

Groupon were selling complete wedding deals which seem to be good value....not sure if they are in your area but worth a look? Good luck xx

Tracey-Lynn Pascoe
Tracey-Lynn Pascoe 28 Feb 2018

The most important thing is that you’re getting married! One of the best weddings I’ve ever been too was a super low budget one, instead of gifts everyone brought a food item or some drinks, we sat on hay bales loaned from a local farm in a small marquee and it was fabulous! The mood of the wedding isn’t dependent on what you can or cannot afford/source, it’s the energy and love you can bring to it! In ten years are people going to remember the table decorations or the fact that Auntie Nora got down on the floor to do “Oops Upside Your Head”?

Siobhan Knight-Potgieter
Siobhan Knight-Potgieter 28 Feb 2018

Sorry but your attitude STINKS. Weddings aren’t about pomp and circumstance they are about marrying the person you can’t be without out.

What you’ll remember is if everyone had a good time, if you were so excited to say your vows your stomach flipped over etc

That said if you want to make it a less expensive affair, ask everyone to provide a dish for the wedding instead of a gift, book the local church hall, buy/make cheap cakes in advance and freeze them decorate closer to the time.

Lastly if you feel your day won’t be as special because it’s not an expensive lavish affair, don’t get married because your after a wedding not a marriage

Sharon  Fowles
Sharon Fowles 28 Feb 2018

Take a deep breath, & relax... Yes i know its easier said than done.. I am currently trying to follow my own advice. As our wedding is less than 6month away, & still loads to pay for.. Our budget was £3000, but lost track of it all now... our wedding is 4pm so dont need 2nd meal & saved cash with that.. were doing as much as we can ourselfs, i have done artificial flowers & made dolly bags for me & bridesmaids.. Made own invites, Got vintage gown & veil & shoes off ebay. Found small bottles on with cake mix or biscuits, muffins or pancake mix in B&M, £1 each so we bought 8. Baked & cooked the contents with my son over last few weeks & we saved the bottles, removed the labels & gonna use them as vases with gypsophia & carnations for table centerpieces, Ebay are charging same price for empty bottles.. ( But son enjoys baking etc... so it worked out well.. )& 2 balloon bunches for center tables.. Once the dj is playing & lights go down decorations are wasted anyway. Cause u can't see them..
i rang local photography club & got an amateur photographer that the British Legion uses, he is going to do whole wedding & reception put pics on cd rom & flash drive for £250. Hope i have given u alittle help. Best wishes for your big day ....

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 Feb 2018

I haven't got any advice but wanted to say don't worry about all the frills you and your h2b and the love you share is what matters & I think the bacon and sausage sandwiches sound yummy would rather have them than a 3 course sit down meal xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 Feb 2018

Instead of wedding list make up a rhyme asking for money there's a lovely one about a wishing well

Elizabeth Tooke
Elizabeth Tooke 28 Feb 2018

Don’t take it to heart what people say end of day it’s your wedding do what you want!! Where abouts are you located is there a company that do decorations, if you can have access the day before to decorate yourself I would highly advise eBay and Amazon. Toast drinks Prosecco instead of champagne. If you want to add sweet bits for the evening we brought cupcakes in Asda think it was 3 boxes for £5.00 with 24 cakes in. 🙂 xxxx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 Feb 2018

We brought invites on ebay after all most are thrown away in time, dress was ex sample so 1/3 of price, flowers were silk, bridesmaid dress high street store, bird cages brought from hobby craft sale and just had candles in small and simple, hotel package that included breakfast,buffet, welcome drinks x 60 day and 100 evening. Married on a Friday, photography was half price offer, shoes high street store, we did our own sweet table from bookers you don't need a card and hotel hired us their tongs etc, place mats, table numbers, sweet bags all ebay.
Favours we didn't really do just had fun face masks and bubble, kid pack again all bulk on ebay.
Cake we used high street chain and one tier and then 70 mini cupcakes. Suits were hired x 5 groom went free of charge in local hire shop.
Kids outfits in the high street, rings we went for simple bands looked around for offers.
We had back drop, letter box, photo booth, dj, hair and make up done for wedding party. The make up artists for 5 people on the day but only myself and mother in law did the trial. Ask for recommendations find offers we did ours for about 6k and everything we wanted just shopped around.

The hotel package included some decorations, chair covers in ceremony, overnight stay day before and night of wedding, food and wine tasting at the venue, reduced rooms for guests. We had basic menu but paid small supplement pp to upgrade the breakfast and welcome drink.

Our venue went above and beyond, they cared more about us than the money and on the day they were incredible as was the food.

Claire Rutter
Claire Rutter 28 Feb 2018

Look on Facebook sales for wedding bits. I got all my decorations for free! Some people want a bit but some people want nothing. What time of year are having your wedding??
Eg: save jam jars
For spring (forage for lavender and other shrubs in fields or woodlands)
Summer: ( pick pretty flowers and put them in)
Autumn: dried leaves 🍁 reds, yellows oranges
Winter pine cones

You could always add a bit of glitter glue to dress the jars up too....

Table runners or cloths look on eBay/gumtree there is sometimes freebies or bargains on there too...

For catering maybe ask a few family members or friends if they could cook some bits from Iceland for you? (Iceland/ALDI/ farmfoods/Lidal etc... get the party platters xxx

Stuff what everyone else thinks, it’s your day and if your marrying the one you love it will be perfect anyway. Xxx

Bridesmaid dresses - eBay ask for a fabric sample first message the seller if your happy grab them (my bridesmaid dresses are £20 each or look in sales etc xxx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 Feb 2018

Fuck what other people think its your day not theirs you do what you want n if your guests arent happy with it then they should fuck off along with what others think...i know ive not recommended or suggested owt but really mate its your day NOT THEIRS

Kay Franklin
Kay Franklin 28 Feb 2018

Can I start by saying. Your wedding will not be shit as long as you and your husband to be love each other....... after all that is what the day is about. A wedding is not about material things, it is about the love and commitment between two people. People that attend your wedding will know you and what you are both about and if they have any respect for you will not expect anything more than you can manage. I wish you both the very best for your wedding day. Just be happy and remember it’s about you two and no one else x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 Feb 2018

You don't need to spend that much on a wedding hun you can rent out a hall for 200 pound just phone around local social clubs or pubs Google it see what's in your area your family can get together to do catering go to Iceland you will get more than enough for 100 pound and decorations you can get from next to nothing from card shops or pound land or ebay you can get 2 tier white icing cakes from asda 30 pound and you can decorate your self you can also get these from pound land your photos an flowers are sorted so y you spending 5000 pound I had limo reception with buffet and a dj a cake photographer and flowers for 1500 with dress an 3 brides maid dresses mens suits was about 2500 altogether

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 Feb 2018

To be honest your whole attitude is wrong it sou ds like u just want a perfect wedding with all the works and not a marriage are you marrying yourself or the person you love

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 Feb 2018

I started making a realistic budget which came to £4700. We were going to have our reception above which it was £50 hire for the function room or that was free if you got the catering done by then which was £400 for 50 guests. Not rubbing your face in it but circumstances changed and H2bs parent are now paying for a nicer venue with a package as our wedding present. We have saved money in quite a few areas. Decorations, home bargains, B&Ms, eBay, Facebook selling sites are really good for bulk buying. Photographer we are hiring a star up whose still in uni but doing it for £300. My friends making the cake for £100 at cost value. Not going OTT on rings, the DJ we were going to get was £200. The car through Facebook £200, florist through Facebook £300. You just have to be realistic and do lots of research and haggle the prices. Bridesmaids dress was £79 from quiz. At the end of the day it’s about you getting married not about the bells and whistles. It’ll only as “shit” as you make it. There is nothing wrong with sticking to a small budget, it’s 1 day at the end of the day.

Sammy Eldridge
Sammy Eldridge 1 Mar 2018

People don’t have to give you any advice but you might get more help if you were less rude.
We all know wedding planning is stressful but there’s no need to be arsey with strangers who are just trying to help from the limited information you gave.
You’ve sorted the photographer, video, cheap flowers & cake. You’ve got your venue & food planned so what exactly do you want help with?
If you can’t afford anything else on your budget then either make the best of it, cut back on guests or postpone until you can save for the wedding you really want.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

DIY decorations is what we did. Cost nearly nothing and the stuff we did buy we justified by planning to put it to use at home after the wedding

Beth Collicott
Beth Collicott 1 Mar 2018

So I think you are looking at it totally the wrong way. Who are you trying to impress??! Its about you marrying the person you want to spend your life with, not now many decorations you have!
Why do you need that many guests?? I have 12 people coming to mine.... even our parents aren't invited. Just our children and very close friends. People we want to spend the time with. We are getting married at 6pm and having a BBQ after. Our wedding cake will be a cheesecake so will be dessert as well. Our decorations are just decorated jam jars (free, from people on facebook and friends) with candles in.
My dress is a stock dress so was really cheap. No bridesmaids, no flowers, no unnecessary frills. I will do my own hair and make up.
Do I think my wedding will be shit because its done on a budget? NO! I will be marrying my man surrounded by my kids and close friends. What more do I need?
Stop trying to compete with others. As long as you get married, the rest doesnt matter.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

Wish is a great site if you got a little while as it do take time to get to you or eBay market are great

Charlotte Woodward
Charlotte Woodward 1 Mar 2018

Personally I think this sounds like a fantastic wedding! It will be amazing as you know how much love and care will go into the items which your family and friends are preparing for you. Bacon rolls and a buffet sounds like great food AND you get to watch a cricket match for free!!!! Go to WED2B for your dress. See if you can grow your flowers for centrepieces. If the wedding is next year wait for this season to be over and buy all the second hand things off Facebook pages (that’s what I’m doing) I have a budget of £6000 and am already panicking as realised that half of that is going on venue, dj and actual wedding bit. I’m not doing homemade or made to order invites, just buying them in a shop. Not doing favours as think they’re too expensive for what they are and having a small wedding of 50 in the day and 80 in the night. You’re wedding will be amazing.

Donna Carter
Donna Carter 1 Mar 2018

We have a very small budget, I'm not having flowers or a wedding cake or a professional photographer, my dress is not a proper wedding dress and I'm not having a wedding planner. We're making our own table decorations I'm.buying a lot 2nd hand off fb. The main things like dj, marriage ceremony and hire of hall plus we want a hog roast will all cost a certain amount but you can save money elsewhere, you don't have to get gifts for everyone you don't need a ton of bridesmaids and best best men, it's your wedding if you having got loads of money to spend do it to a budget, it can be lovely even if you don't spend loads. X

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

What month are you getting married in- as you are at a cricked club you could ask guest to bring a blanket and have a picnic for your meal outside the venue (whilst watching a bit if the cricket) you can make your own sandwiches and cakes and other cheap party picnic nibbles and drop them off the to the venue before- check if the venue has corkage fees and if not you could buy a few bottles of cheap fizz to go with the picnic so that people have a drink to toast. Chat to your local ice cream van man and see if he could come along and see if he could do you a deal on x amount of 99s for the guests pudding( will also add a bit of excitement and be a bit different)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

Our wedding cost around 8000 we had local village hall, I used candles n fake flowers to decorate from websites like wish. We bought super market booze and supermarket buffet! You can get a cake from M and s for 150 or buy plain iced cakes and stack yourself. We cut things out we didn't deem over important no videographer! There's bargain out there just have to hunt around x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

I’m confused .. you say you have people doing lots of things

Then you say you have no parents that own a pub
No friends to ....
bake a cake
Do decoration
Do your catering
That you have

You have venue but cricket match is being played ... that won’t be in evening

Finally you say the wedding is still costing over 5k

So what are you spending money on ?

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

Choose a weekday rather than weekend that makes a lots of difference

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

There are some real nutters on here. Your wedding sounds quite fun actually, and not shit at all. I've been asking everyone at work to save their jam jars so I can use them on tables and as decoration with flowers and candles in. I think you've done really well to get cake, flowers and venue etc sorted. It's not easy!! If there's a cricket match on that'll make a really sweet 'English country' background for some of your pics. Ask the village hall and or club house if they have any bunting or decs you could borrow. I bet they do. It's all stressful. Ignore the negativity on this - honestly some of these people are actually insane!! But there's a lot of nice people offering some great advice. You could have a wine and craft evening at your house with some friends where you make stuff for the day? I've got a mate coming over next week to do just that. And relax, it won't be shit, everyone loves a wedding no matter where it is and what it entails. Enjoy your day xxxxxx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

Check out websites like amazon and eBay. You can get decorations and stuff on those sites for quite cheap. The other day I saw a decoration pack with whites and silvers and pinks for about £20 and you go things like balloons, banners, those honeycomb things to hang from the ceiling etc was like 30/40 pieces which isn’t bad because as you say some are really expensive just for one piece. Maybe shop around places such as B&M too and the range, you might be surprised at what you can get. But if you really can’t stretch to decorations what you have it enough, the end of the day you are marrying your love of your life, that’s more important than anything in the world, you are going to have a beautiful wedding as it will be filled with love and happiness.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

You want advice on the fact that your menu is sausage and bacon sandwiches and an evening buffet... are you saying you're not happy with this? Or that it's costing you more than you would like to have that menu? It's coming across that you're not happy about the venue because of the cricket match? X

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

Maybe if you can’t afford the wedding you want, and that’s important to you, then wait abit longer and save more, we’ve set our date 2 years away just because it’s more realistic and we can save and have most of what we want.
You don’t sound happy with any of your choices so why are you doing it? Only you can make those plans and no amount of advice will change how you feel about your own wedding x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

I got married on a Friday it was cheaper, made alot of my own table decorations, the range was good, we bought a video camera just £100 one and a friend filmed, had a bbq, luckily got my wedding dress off the rail on a say they were doing deals for £99. People actually said it was one of the best wedding they had been to as it was laid back and personal to us. Don't be to hard on yourself and worry about what others say, it's what you think that counts it's yours and your hubby's day x

Zoe Holiday
Zoe Holiday 1 Mar 2018

Oh I imagine people read it but if it was snotty as this one people chose to ignore, I think, you think your going to have a 'shit' wedding. By the sounds of it your getting a lot of help. If you are budget conscious you should have looked for somewhere a lot cheaper, take a break and have a real good look at what you've got and your left over budget and prioritise

Sarah Sharpe
Sarah Sharpe 1 Mar 2018

I made all my decorations, signs etc. Scour your local selling sites, charity shops etc. Cricket theme it? Afternoon tea would work really well. Ask friends if they have cake stands etc you can use. Get everyone to dig out their Christmas tree lights and out them all around the club. Pininterest is a God send for ideas. Save wine bottles to hold candles. They can be cheaply decorated with ribbon etc. Stay simple, but most importantly do something you enjoy, don't spend money on things because you think you must have them. Spend it on what is important to you xxx

Jane Templeman
Jane Templeman 1 Mar 2018

As a sporting family I love hows theres a cricket match, get on the terrace and get behind the teams. Your setting sounds like a purfect place for a really English wedding, for desert see if someone can make some scones and buy some cheap jam, make some sandwhiches etc I bet it will cost less then bacon and sausages. The club should have some bunting and things. I really would make a English country afternoon sounds a lovely back drop.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

My wedding is costing £2000 all in, I don't feel small or belittled by anyone on here. I ordered foam flowers from the UK and flower holders for 99p from China, a glue gun from home bargains, and made bouquets for me and my bridesmaids with YouTube to guide me. My invites were made using a free online template, and printed on card I got from the range, at home on my own printer. My dress I bought for £30 second hand on ebay. My wedding ring is titanium not white gold, its cheaper and much tougher and holds its shine, cost £12. We can't afford free drinks for everyone so we settled on giving everyone two glasses of prosecco each, can't afford pub prices so our case of prosecco is coming from Aldi, costing just over £60. We aren't bothering with a honeymoon, we will try to go somewhere nice to celebrate our first wedding anniversary instead so we have a year to pay for that after the wedding.
My bridesmaids dresses are rockabilly style and cost £14 each. I have 26 people coming to my wedding after careful deliberation over who is actually important to us. It can be done cheaply when needs must, pride and thinking 'it should be done this way' imo is what ends up costing people money.
Your wedding isn't gonna be shit, it's costing over twice what I'm paying and I'm excited as fook for mine!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

Sounds a lot like ours is going to be.. we think it's Going to come out around the same price, which we don't have yet... currently my fave option is to get married later in the afternoon and then essentially have a party with everyone coming to everuthing.. it is important to is that we can invite everyone we want to and there is no way we can afford a proper venue and sit down for that many.. So I was thinking a hog roast (saw a company that says will do 200 for £1000) a band and a disco as we want good music.. and then I'm thinking of hiring one of those griddles and doing bacon rolls about 9 or 10pm to help soak up the alcohol... we are looking at a large village hall and getting the booze ourselves via a booze run to France.. the seating will be just tables willy nilly so decorations can be table cloths and some thing small I can make myself in the middle.. plus balloons.. don't think we will go overboard decorating unless I can find a cheap way of doing it... I'll make sweet cones or go to macro and get sweets and bags rather than hiring a sweet trolly and will get desserts from there too... the cake I will prob make myself... not having favours or fancy invites as they are a waste of money.. people just throw them away... we are in the early stages but I think you need to think about what is important to you on your big day and focus on making that happen.. for us it's to have a fun party for lots of our friends and family with decent music.. but it may all change.. if we win the lottery Lol!! Xx

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UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

Wow have you read this post back to yourself and realised how awful you sound. Me and my partner do not have the funds to even begin saving for a wedding at the moment, and I do not know a cake maker, photographer, nor do I have friends that can do cheap flowers but I know for a fact that one day we will marry regardless of wether we have a big extravagant party or not. The thought of becoming his wife and our entire families and friends celebrating our love is the exciting part. So what if you have bacon sandwiches (which sounds pretty damn good to me). I’m sorry you only have 10ish helpful friends who you do not sound grateful for, and not the 20 friends that you need, but bare in mind I have no friends that will be helping and probably a small budget, and I’ll still have a day a million times better than you! Remember what your days about, and if it’s not the marriage that excites you, you’re marrying the wrong man.

Vittoria Di Franco
Vittoria Di Franco 1 Mar 2018

Make stuff if your finding it all too expensive then make it . Loads of crafty things you can do . As with sausage and bacon baps my only advice is don't forget the sauce !

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

God I hope the people that are helping you out aren’t reading this... what a slap in the face for them. Wish we had friends that could do the photography and videography etc.... isn’t everyone struggling to pay for their wedding? 🤔

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

Tissue paper pom poms are easy to make and cheap for decorations. Also one pot things like chilli and curry with rice would probably work out cheaper than bacon and sausages.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

The problem is that even with getting bargains and having family and friends help make things cheaper such as your cake and flowers etc, a wedding is still expensive. It sounds like you’ve got most things covered I’m not sure what else there is to get as I can’t see a list of what you still need to get within your budget, you could try to make things yourself just be careful with how much it costs for materials as some times it can work out just as or more expensive. Invites, centrepieces and pew ends can be made fairly cheaply but it depends on the amount of guests you have, I looked into making invites however because we have so many to do it worked out cheaper to order them printed but if there isn’t that many then materials might cost less. Have you got your dress/ suits sorted? Those can be a bulk of budget alone but there are warehouses you can go to and choose one for around a couple of hundred pounds. Without knowing what you still need it’s a bit difficult to advise. I completely understand you feeling low about receiving comments of other people’s weddings but I’m sure they don’t mean to gloat they are using their own wedding as advice. If you aren’t happy with how your day is going to be a long for a bigger and more lavish event then do consider either 1. Reducing the amount of guests resulting in less catering etc. 2. Postponing to a further date to give yourselves more time to save. 3. Re look at each thing and decide if you could do it any cheaper. Another way to make it cheaper is to have the wedding later in the day (I understand it may be too late for this now) but we are getting married at 3pm, meaning the reception will follow on from the church, toasting drinks aren’t completely necessary but I know there are websites that do high discounts for drink ordered in bulk. Glasses can be hired from supermarkets for free. Having it later means only feeding your guests once. I understand what your saying, even low key, it is still very very expensive especially if getting make up, hair and nails done alone can be a big bill. Re look at wheather your happy to continue with your date, weather you would be happier if you saved more to allow yourself more of a budget. I know it sucks that it’s all so expensive and I do feel for you, but you hopefully will only have this day once, if it’s making you unhappy then wait longer. Just remember, its about celebrating with your loved ones and becoming the wife of your love. People that look down on the day because it’s not extravagant don’t deserve to be a guest at your wedding! I’m sure they will all have a fantastic time and you and your guests will remember your day for all the right reasons. P.s when is your wedding?

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

It's your day, you do it however you want. Take no notice of anyone's comments that are trying to put you down .. You're day will exactly how you want it and it'll be amazing. Just so you know, we're getting married in a hotel and even we are having bacon and sausage butties with chips for 'a meal' and then a pie and pea supper at night... You can't go wrong with it in my opinion. Chin up and get on with planning your day how you want it. With regards to the price, I'd definitely check ebay, amazon and sights like that for things. Also how about making your own invitations, place names, favours etc it feels you're having them? Check out charity shops, you'd be surprised what you find on them. Hope this helps! xx

Emma Batchelor
Emma Batchelor 1 Mar 2018

I felt the same. Its your day if people want to share the day with you it does not matter whats on the table. I am doing a no frills event which will probaby be cold and muddy but if people know you they will just want to celebrate with you. I decided if i had to stress about paying out to impress everyone then the day was happening for the wrong reasons and if people are coming to expect a banquet and lush surroundings then they would be disappointed. Its about you as a couple not what other people want. You are getting married and that does not mean you have to enter a marriage in debt for one day. You can dress a day up with tiaras and table cloths if you like but i think the best decoration is people around you that are there for you and to celebrate with you. Xxx

Chazii Clements
Chazii Clements 1 Mar 2018

You don't sound like you want this wedding. I'd cancel and save up properly for what you actually want. Or id sit down and hang my mindset, as it sounds you hate the idea of all this cheap wedding. If you want advice on money saving, perhaps be a bit more polite. As for your cake, there's a baking group I'm part of with hobby bakers, who would make it for a very reasonable price. They're only allowed to charge for ingredients. And for decorations, make your own if you have enough time. At the end of the day though, all that matters is celebrating your love with your friends and family.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

As soon as you mention the word wedding the price always jumps up. A friend of mine had the local cricket club with a bouncy castle for kids and all friends brought food we had fairy lights in jars hanging up outside it’s was idyllic. Doesn’t have to be flash and fancy. We had canopays that cost around £110 which our caterer cooked a hog roast for our main meal with salad and potatoes and profiteroles for our wedding breakfast that was under £2000 for 135 guests we then had wood fired pizzas for evening for 250 guests this was around another £2000 which is cheap for that many guests. I’m not sure what your budget is but there are definitely people to help bacon and sausage buttys sound perfect your wedding is about you and your husband to be making promises to you anyone who is going to knock you for your day doesn’t deserve to be there. You can make your own table decorations we saved loads of jam jars and I glued hessian and lace round them. You can buy flowers from the market and do your own. Down feel disheartened your wedding will be perfect if you need any advice here to help. Also places like home bargains b and m e bought loads of tea lights and holders cheap as chips but make huge difference to venue

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

What an ungrateful cow you are! People tell you what they do AS SUGGESTIONS of what you COULD do.

UKbride Member 1 Mar 2018

What advice exactly do you want?? How you can do things cheaply?? Go on pinterest you can do a lot yourself

Karla Michelle
Karla Michelle 1 Mar 2018

I'm getting married in 29 weeks. And I have only spent £2367. I've made all my decorations and my invites all my favours and bridesmaid bits. We are hiring suits and my dress has been made to what I want fit less than £400. I have a buffet catering for 300 people and I am doing my own buffet the morning of the wedding and costing less than £200. I'm getting married late afternoon to avoid breakfasts sit down meals etc. I found a lovely place on line for my flowers for 6 bridesmaids myself and alot of button holes and that was no more than £100. My Family are doing my cake photography dj entertainment and that's what they offered and at the end of the day none of that matters to me as long as I marry my best friend and my family and close friends are there that is all that matters. I think you need to get off your high horse and lower your expectations sweetheart. And stop bro g so rude to your family who are helping and remember they don't have to. And stop being obnoxious to advice you are getting. If you can't don't post again. Simple

Kim Domican
Kim Domican 1 Mar 2018

I think you should realise how lucky you are having so many people amongst friends and family offering to help already.
That said, I went to a wedding where the couple asked guests to bring cake along for the afternoon. Saved on a wedding cake and everyone joined in very enthusiastically, so it got to be quite good fun and competitive.
Used White sheets off eBay for table cloths. Decorations from jam jars with tea lights and whatever flowers you, your friends and family can rustle up from the garden, a few table sprinkles from Poundland.
Most of all remember - it's you marrying the man you love. Everything else is just details.

Carolann North
Carolann North 1 Mar 2018

Look at tissue paper decorations. It might mean you have to get a bit crafty, but you can do these amazing balls that hang from the ceiling, or bunting, or decorate a wall for a selfie spot with just some tissue paper and string (esp looks cool if you're going for vivid colours, but works well in pastel too).
I would lean into the cricket theme, and try not to worry so much! Trust me - everyone loves a bacon sarnie!!!
You haven't mentioned music, but a big saver is to switch from a DJ to an iPod list. If you're doing invitations (which again, making yourself will save some money or just making a free wedding website online and directing people to it), then you can ask them to choose a song and add it to the playlist! Then, if you wanted to do favours, it can be a 'wedding soundtrack' either on CD or usb (whatever is cheapest!!).
Instead of a traditional wedding cake, me and H2B are going to go with three store bought cakes in different styles on a nice cake stand - that way, there's loads of choice and the cost drops to about 50 quid!!!
Also, renting suits and the dress can be a massive cost saver (most brides end up regretting the money they spend on a dress, because it drops in value a ton PLUS you have to store it for the rest of your life!!!)
Finally, remember the day is about you and him. Getting married is the most important part, and if you and him like your buffet options, then everyone else will get on board!!
(Extra idea I saw online: you can do a Mr and Mrs Game. Get the best man to host it. Bride and Groom sit back to back - grooms shoe in one hand, brides shoe in the other. Best man then asks questions like 'who is the messiest?' or 'who is most likely to forget Valentine's day?' and the couple have to hold up the shoe of who they think it is. Can spark some funny answers and gives everyone a good laugh and some fond memories of the evening!!)
These are just some ideas, I really hope one of them helps, but it's up to you to pick and choose what you prioritise at your wedding. If you really dont want to rent a dress, then don't, but make sure you've got the funds to back up that want.

Maria  Bywater
Maria Bywater 1 Mar 2018

I have friends who married on less than 5k. But feeding 140 people on that is a bargain. If you really can't afford to feed that many people then don't do it. Invite just immediate family to the ceremony and then have everyone else for a buffet and a party. Don't supply drinks and keep other costs down like cars for travelling etc. If you have everyone you love there and your with the person you want to marry then what people eat isn't a big deal. Reception loads of pubs do free if u get a big buffet. I found 1 that does free and would be less than 1k to feed 50 people. They are out there u just need to call around places or have a smaller guest list

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Mar 2018

You can do table decorations using used clean jam jars and lace with artificial flowers that's what I did cost less then £10 for 12

Kate Phillips
Kate Phillips 1 Mar 2018

I have been taking surveys and watching videos for the last year I have made almost £200 which I have used for decorations, I got these all in the sale on not on the high street and it came to about £30 the rest of the money I have used to get myself a bouquet and buy the favours. Try global test market, curious cat and swagbucks. My wedding is in August and I’m still going so any extra money is being put into the budget - hopefully going to pay for my shoes. I plan on selling pretty much everything after to get some money back as well. There are so many really good deals around just keep shopping around and remember it’s not about the venue food or clothes it’s about you and your husband to be x

Lauren Nother
Lauren Nother 2 Mar 2018

I used a company in Hampshire for my decorations they’re really reasonable. Party workshop. I got chair sashes, table plan, my own bunting being hung and tables decorated(name cards, favours and decs) it’s cost me a little over 200. If you have a late ceremony as well you could just do evening food as you’ll have missed the lunch time meal and you could find a catering van of some sort, evening food is generally a bit cheaper x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 2 Mar 2018

I have joined Oriflame to earn more money for my wedding fund... if you want to join contact me for more details. It's a completely free opportunity to join

Lynsey Mc connell
Lynsey Mc connell 3 Mar 2018

I am saving jam jars and then filling them with flowers me and Mum growing in garden it a really cheap way to make nice table decorations we doing sweet peas but depends what time of the year you get married also try Pinterest and YouTube for things to do yourself xx

Amy Warren
Amy Warren 4 Mar 2018

Hi it sound like you are trying to budget for your wedding which is nothing to be ashamed about I want to do the same. I've been looking on Pinterest for home made decoration ideas and there are some great ones that seem really cheap to make. As for the rest I'm getting friends and family helping to do what they can. At the end of the day so long as you and your fiance are there it really dosent matter about the rest of it. I'm struggling to find somewhere that will just do the ceremony as I don't want anything big and afterwards we will be having a do at a local pub/club with a standard buffet made by myself and my fiance. I don't no if this helps at all but I hope you have an amazing day no matter what you have or haven't got.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 4 Mar 2018

Ok. Number one, you shouldn't expect hand outs from family members or friends for YOUR wedding. You are lucky to have friends and family to help you out with aspects of your wedding because other people don't. How about you start bloody well saving if you need things or postpone your wedding if you can't afford the things you want. You've either got to put up with what you can afford and what you have or postpone you wedding and save for what you really want. It sounds like you are looking for handouts from other people. I paid for my whole wedding myself with no help from anybody but my husband. I would not have wanted anybody to use their money for my day. Be grateful for what you have.

Emma Birtles
Emma Birtles 4 Mar 2018

Your attitude is terrible. I am having a very cheap wedding will be around £2000. I don't care how much it costs as I am marrying my soul mate I'd get married anywhere. Just to be with him.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 5 Mar 2018

we are getting married in less than two weeks ad have got most of our decorations for the party from pound shops


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