UKbride Member Request 25 Feb 2018

Hi all, I'm hoping to have my dog at my wedding (am having exclusive use of...

Hi all, I'm hoping to have my dog at my wedding (am having exclusive use of a hotel) and I'm a little concerned about how she will cope in the evening when the party is in full flow. Am just wondering if any other brides included their pets & if so what you did to occupy them for the evening? Thanks!

Nikitta Taylor
Nikitta Taylor 26 Feb 2018

Oo my dogs are going to be at my wedding and never thought about this x

Michelle Goldsworthy
Michelle Goldsworthy 26 Feb 2018

Our pups will be with us in the day but going have them taken back to our chalet and looked after in the evening x

Jodi Darroch
Jodi Darroch 26 Feb 2018

There are some dog boarding places that do dog chaperones so they bring them for the ceremony and photos and then take them away and look after them for the night or have a doggy safe room for them to get away from the loud music and during the meal as they won’t be allowed in the eating area.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 26 Feb 2018

I'd make sure he has somewhere quiet to go in the evening to avoid him getting stressed and being fed the evening buffet by boozy guests!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 26 Feb 2018

Our dog stayed for the whole wedding, he had his bed and toys in a quite corner but enjoyed hanging out in the party being fussed by all our guests and grabbing bits of the buffet that ended up in the floor

Shelley Rayworth
Shelley Rayworth 26 Feb 2018

Ours are going to a chaperone who will walk them and then bring them to the venue for the photos, then she's home boarding then overnight. My venue is dog friendly but my partners nieces dont like dogs an they'd get over excited with so many people x

Catriona Grycuk
Catriona Grycuk 27 Feb 2018

Wishbone Weddings

Use a chaperone service for peace of mind. Also worth noting that all the excitement and noise can get overwhelming for furbabies so worth having them just for a short time during photos.

Vittoria Di Franco
Vittoria Di Franco 27 Feb 2018

This will be the second wedding my dog has attended she's pretty much a pro . Can't get her off the dance floor tbh !

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 27 Feb 2018

Its not rely fair to.put your dog through something like the reception. It needs a place of quiet where it can rest away from noise and guests. plus it will need to toiletries in the day
Have the dog in the wedding photos though then let it stay with someone .

UKbride Member 1 Mar 2018

I guess your hotel is dog friendly? Can the staff at the hotel offer anything? To take the dog for a walk and then put them to bed or something? I’ve seen some companies you can hire also who will come and pick up your dog and they also offer services like grooming them ready for the day.
If it’s in a dog friendly hotel could they go back to your room and be checked on at intervals?

Kate Phillips
Kate Phillips 1 Mar 2018

My dog is coming along :) we have a dog friendly venue. She is most likely to sit on someone’s lap most of the night (mostly mine) then I will pop her to bed. I’m not a big party person so I will be focusing on her x


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