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Hi everyone, I have a major dilemma. Basically I'm getting married in June...

Hi everyone, I have a major dilemma. Basically I'm getting married in June 2020. My mum and dad are divorced and hate each other. My dad has promised to be civil and behave, my mum however has said she won't make any promises.... Any suggestions on what to do here? Also my mum's boyfriend is an utter arse hole. And my fiance has hands down refused to have him at any part of the wedding. Which I totally understand... But how on earth do I break this to my mum? She knows that neither of us are his biggest fans, but I'm afraid she will be angry if I tell her she's not allowed to bring him as we're limited to only 40 guests and I, nor my partner, want to spend a single penny on someone who has been nothing but rude and nasty to us. Nor do we want to spend our special day in the same room as him. Any suggestions would be fab.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 23 Feb 2018

Hi just tell her that neither of you want him there also if she can't put you first where your Dd is concerned then she can stay away too. We had a similar situation and one of the parents has decided not to come :)

Amy Glave
Amy Glave 24 Feb 2018

I have a similar situation too.. I would speak to your mum and let her know your both not wanting to invite her partner. To be honest if my mum said she weren’t making any promises about starting drama at my wedding I’d tell her to stay away. Why would she want to ruin your special day. It’s too much stress for you both and you should be enjoying this experience xx


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