Kelly Alford
Kelly Alford 19 Feb 2018

Hi Ladies. Have people been involving family (parents mostly) in wedding...

Hi Ladies. Have people been involving family (parents mostly) in wedding decisions? I thought it would be lovely to include them, however, we got engaged in March and we still haven't booked a venue. I'm at the point where I'm sick of other peoples opinions and feel things will happen much smoother if I just crack on myself.

Michelle Goldsworthy
Michelle Goldsworthy 20 Feb 2018

It’s your day not theirs, involve them in some stuff but it needs to be how you want it, not how they’d wished theirs had been

Jade Hodgson
Jade Hodgson 20 Feb 2018

Everyone has their own opinions and many will disagree.. But while you may want to listen to advice you have to make the decisions for yourself.

Bethany Hardcastle
Bethany Hardcastle 20 Feb 2018

i let others have there opinons but i no what i want and where so just nod and say yeah but i like this better

Claire Newstead
Claire Newstead 20 Feb 2018

My fiance's family are lovely and are just letting us get on with it. Where as my family... Well. If my mother could have her way it'd be in the back room of a pub somewhere and everything would be second hand or from groupon. She even poopoo'd a venue that we won!! She's already arranged the same florist who did my sister's flowers (which were awful)... She's nagged about my weight repeatedly even though I've lost a ton already! She doesn't want to come dress shopping with me until she thinks I'm "ready"... Any ideas we run past her she moans about...

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 20 Feb 2018

Having been married twice I’d say the less people involved in decision making the better 🤣. If you can do it all yourselves then everyone just turn up then it’s certainly easier.

Vicki Allen
Vicki Allen 20 Feb 2018

Go with your heart on all your decisions , when and if you need opinions ask for them, not everyone has your tastes or dreams and don’t let anyone sway what you want. It’s your day x

Sam Leckey
Sam Leckey 20 Feb 2018

It's your day therefore it's your opinions which count. I'm trying to involve as few people as possible in the decision making. If I want someone to agree with me i will ask my h2b, if I actually want an opinion I will ask my bridesmaid.

Demi McGarry
Demi McGarry 21 Feb 2018

We haven't asked family about thier desisicons on things but they give thier opinions. Better having them involved than not at all x

Ellen Blossom
Ellen Blossom 21 Feb 2018

I've had my parents involved at times because they are helping to pay. The final choice is for me and my partner, but I've had them with us at meet and greets 😁😁

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Feb 2018

All decisions are yours and your partners, it’s nice in theory to involve others but if you do you’ll exhaust yourself trying keep others happy and end up with a wedding nothing like what you wanted

Amy Boulain
Amy Boulain 21 Feb 2018

I’m lucky my family don’t offer an opinion unless I ask for one and aren’t upset if I don’t go with it. I took my mum shopping as she has great taste and a friend but I would say go with someone you trust

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Feb 2018

No!!! Don't do it

Ruby Boardman
Ruby Boardman 21 Feb 2018

Everyone tries to get involved even if you don't want them to! The day is yours so you make all decisions or you will hate it.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Feb 2018

We just cracked on ourselves, my parents have paid quite a big contribution and they were happy for us to go ahead and make decisions ourselves. We've kept them involved insofaras we have told them what we've decided and my mum came dress shopping with me, but we haven't taken them to see suppliers or choose the venue for the exact reason that there would be too many opinions.

Eleanor McCullough
Eleanor McCullough 21 Feb 2018

We sorted everything out ourselves, then told my fiancé’s parents of the plans. They were only too happy and excited.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Feb 2018

My mum was very strict on what she thought was right . She told me she'd look after the kids wherever possible so me and h2b could look at venues. She continually pushed the phrase "all decisions are for the two of you to make" with the exception of coming dress shopping she believes she shouldn't be involved. That hasn't however stopped me from asking her opinions on table centerpieces that I couldn't choose between etc. I would personally advise make all the decisions between the two of you ... If you need someone to bounce ideas off of fine but done give full rein or anything close to it.i have to honestly say it's made me feel so much closer to h2b that everything we've picked we've both completely been in love and in sync with. I love that I have the unspoken offer of help should I really need it but that my parents are more than willing to let this be something that bonds me and h2b during our planning. If you really do need support etc ask for it but make sure your decisions are yours only and no-one elses . Hope this helps. Best of luck x

Stacey Gray
Stacey Gray 21 Feb 2018

Me & my partner have decided everything on our own, its our day no 1 elses x

Vittoria Di Franco
Vittoria Di Franco 21 Feb 2018

Yes this weekend We have mother in law ,mother , father ,step mother , step father all coming to wedding fayres and open days with us all together but we are just that sort of family . Probably the other end of the scale from most tbh . Everyone's different no right or wrong answers lol

Carol Daniels
Carol Daniels 26 Feb 2018

We haven't no everything we have done ourselves what me and my partner want because it's our day people will always have a opinion on everything it's your day so do it your way x

Gemma Barrington
Gemma Barrington 27 Feb 2018

Just carry on and plan what YOU want and ask for help and advice if needed. My parents are pretty laid back and understand it’s our day. I’ve asked for their opinion on things but we’ve started booking things without involving our parents too much. For example we booked the venue and then we took our parents there to look around. X


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