UKbride Member Request 18 Feb 2018

Hi all, my boyfriend and I got engaged two weeks ago and we're looking to...

Hi all, my boyfriend and I got engaged two weeks ago and we're looking to get married in August 2020. I thought that meant we'd have a while before we need to start the real plans but the more I read and hear, I'm thinking we need to get going as the venue we like is already booking up for that year. Does anyone have any advice on timings and plans coming together as I'm feeling a bit clueless? Thanks in advance x

Tilly Hebbes
Tilly Hebbes 18 Feb 2018

Hey! First of all, congratulations! My boyfriend and I got engaged on the 27th Jan and also planning for Aug 2020. We have decided to dive straight into planning as we are both so excited, and also to get an idea of how much we need to save before the big day. Don't panic, there's lots of time! However, you could save money if you start looking around now. If you know what you want, there's no time like the present, that being said- don't feel pressured into booking things this early if you might change your mind about colour schemes, venues etc xx

Allyson Stewart
Allyson Stewart 18 Feb 2018

Thanks Tilly Hebbes! And congratulations to you too ! The H2B and I are super excited but I think he's a little anxious about the money side of things. We have no savings but do have a plan to start next month now. We've got a dream venue that ive contacted and i've explained to him that if we can go see that and maybe provisionally book it, then bit by bit things will fall into place. I prefer the idea of starting now and being ahead than leaving it. Its so exciting and I'm hoping the excitement doesnt dwindle away! Have you guys looked into any venues yet ? X


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