UKbride Member Request 14 Feb 2018

It's such a long way off until our wedding but I already feel so under...

It's such a long way off until our wedding but I already feel so under pressure! Does anyone else feel like this? I don't feel like I'm enjoying the experience as much as I should x

Claire Kennedy
Claire Kennedy 17 Feb 2018

You will just take deep breaths and everything will come together nicely

Emma Kingsland
Emma Kingsland 17 Feb 2018

Stay calm it’ll all work out and come together. X

Amee Goulding
Amee Goulding 17 Feb 2018

It will all come together, just remember its your wedding and its not your job to please your guests. Its about what you want. I had to come to terms with this and now i feel a lot less stressed. Xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 17 Feb 2018

First thing to remember is that it is you and your partners day, so do things the way you both want to. Second thing is that on the day as long as you are both there along with the registrar and two witnesses, you will be marrying the person you love. Everything else is a bonus

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 17 Feb 2018

Don't feel under pressure. Mine is 2 years away plus we are expecting our first baby!!! I have booked the big things venue, dj, photographer etc but the rest can wait! I want to enjoy the time. Treat yourself to a pretty wedding planner (loads of stunning ones on Amazon for £20 mark) and just pop down ideas as you see them. Then closer to time you can go through it and see what you still love! Xx

Gina Cooper
Gina Cooper 17 Feb 2018

Omg i am feeling under presure and stressed out i got 6 months to my big day xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 17 Feb 2018

I wasn't overly stressed out which surprised everyone who knows me as I am a control freak. Even on the day our photographers commented that it was the calmest prep room they had ever been in. Things went missing but they turned up in time. A few weeks ago (have been married 18 months) I realised the table runners hadn't been put on the tables lol. Honestly if you are marrying your best friend and the person you love nothing matters. Forget what others will think or say or judge. Literally everything could have gone wrong and as long as we ended up married I genuinely wouldn't have cared less x x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 17 Feb 2018

We booked ours 10 months ago payment for the last couple of things getting paid on Monday and getting married 6/4/18 only now am I feeling that I can relax and start looking forward to things and that's me being super organised and according to everyone that knows me I have been so laid back about the wedding and arrangements xxx

Nicola Mooney
Nicola Mooney 18 Feb 2018

I was stressed out by people who I've realised on reflection maybe shouldn't have been there at all. If it's people, cut all ties seriously! And the stresses I had about other things (I hated my cake, it wasn't what i asked for) they were irrelevant on the day... I had a wonderful magical day.. so what If the cake was 💩 to look at 😂 or a bit overbaked!! If it's about usual things, chill out relax and remember most suppliers/events companies do everything for you on the day- just make sure you're pretty specific about what you want and don't hold back.. you only get married once!...? Lol. I was so chilled on the day as everyone took such good care of us. You'll be priority as the bride so enjoy it 😘 please don't allow stress to spoil it. Talk to people about how you feel and vent on here. My maid of honour, my mam and some of my bridesmaids/bbfs! were God sends at putting things into perspective... xxx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 18 Feb 2018

We are just doing what makes us happy, decided the house and garden arent how we want it (want to have a bbq at home for yhe reception so the dogs can join in and to save on costs), so have moved the wedding back about 8 months. Have made a list of stuff to do, started ordering samples (carpets etc) and looking at what food to make and easier ways to prep, like marinading meats and freezing them in the marinading bags etc. Still need to look at invites and find out about any allergies, gonna send my email address and phone numbers for replies. I have also decided to do this dye to a food allergy that causes anaphylaxis so dont want to have to worry about what i am eating and drinking on the day! Hope ypu have a fabulous one, just do what makes the both of you happy! Xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 18 Feb 2018

I have bouts of feeling stressed but I got a folder from paperchase where everything is already separated with tips and blank note pages it has really helped

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 18 Feb 2018

I’m a bit of a control freak as well. Everyone has said to me ‘you’ve got ages don’t worry’ (9 months). I feel like if I rested on that then the time would just pass me by and then I’d be in such a panic come the end. So I’ve booked things with plenty of time in advance so that I could have my pick of suppliers and know exactly what I need to pay who, and by when. Now that everything is booked, I can focus on us saving the money we need, and then it’s just the purchases that I need to do closer to the time, when the more stressful stuff starts happening (invites, RSVPs, table plans etc...) so I don’t have a million things on my plate. I knew that doing it this way would be the only way I wouldn’t get over stressed! Organised, yes. X

Tanya Alexander
Tanya Alexander 19 Feb 2018

Me to. My wedding is 15 months away and we only just started actively planning. And I’m a right stress head really bad. Everything had to be done yesterday ( can’t help it been always like it) now I’ve got the attitude of don’t like it don’t come. ( due to many reasons some of my guests have really annoyed the help out of me ) I’m enjoying organising but sometimes I feel it’s always me and I need my partner who wants everything his own way to be abit more open minded Aswell.

Sstephanie McEnhill
Sstephanie McEnhill 19 Feb 2018

I feel exactly the same. We are newly engaged but can’t agree on what kind of wedding etc to have lol x


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