UKbride Member Request 12 Feb 2018

We booked our venue last year and they told us that we had sole use of the...

We booked our venue last year and they told us that we had sole use of the site from Friday-Sunday which is what sold it to us as we can do the Majority of it ourselves. We don’t have a contract(despite asking for one) but we don’t have a piece of paper stating that we have sole use of the venue. I spoke to the manager on Thursday and he has gone back on everything he said -saying that on the Friday and Saturday night they open the bars to the public?! Where do we stand in terms of a refund or enforcing what we agreed? Thank you

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 12 Feb 2018

Presumably you have a receipt. I would ask for a full refund unless you receive a written contract stating what you believe you have agreed.

Demi McGarry
Demi McGarry 12 Feb 2018

Did you take out insurance? When you book they should give you some form of receipt. X

Victoria Collard
Victoria Collard 14 Feb 2018

Do you have any emails or text messages that you can use as proof? Maybe if they know you want a refund as the agreement has changed to what you were led to believe they may change their mind and go back to giving exclusive use. Without a contract I think you will struggle to enforce, as there is no proof of the agreed terms. But again if there’s no contract then they should give you a refund xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 14 Feb 2018

Without any form of written evidence you don't really have anything to use as a case for it. You'll likely have to go through their refund policy if you want to cancel. Make sure you have wedding insurance too

Amy Carr
Amy Carr 14 Feb 2018

If you don't have a contract you don't have the proof! Simple as that... Flip it though how can they PROVE you weren't promised that with no contract in place. No written agreement about terms of refunds etc! I would be livid!! I'm so sorry they have done this to you and for such an important event too. Good luck and keep us posted 😘😘

Rebecca Johns
Rebecca Johns 14 Feb 2018

Do they sell packages on line with what they offered you stating that they offer this ya a certain cost might be another way round it to state this is what they agreed hope you get sorted x

Emma Kingsland
Emma Kingsland 14 Feb 2018

A verbal contract is just as legally binding but comes down to evidence. Do you have a receipt or bank statement that you paid? Ask for a full refund and go elsewhere, sounds like you can’t trust them. Good luck!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 16 Feb 2018

Are the bars separate from the venue room maybe they meant you could have the room for the whole weekend seems a bit much they would close the whole venue for a full weekend for 1 wedding

Hollie Prowse
Hollie Prowse 20 Feb 2018

Thank you for the comments, we spoke to the consumer trading people and regardless of it being a written or verbal agreement they have put us back to a ‘precontracutual position’ . Meaning we could have a full refund or a large discount, so we went and spoke to them and they knew instantly that they had made a big mistake and gave us a big reduction, they were really good about it actually :) x


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