Tanya Alexander
Tanya Alexander 7 Feb 2018

Invitations can be very exspenive. I’ve been quoted over £300 due to the...

Invitations can be very exspenive. I’ve been quoted over £300 due to the number I need. I’d love to make my own but I’m not creative at all. Are any of you making your own invitations? How much has it saved you ?

Tania Domingos
Tania Domingos 7 Feb 2018

I've managed to find a website called Pure Invitation. I only have 26 households to send invites to and it all adds up to £95.00 =D

Kirsty Babington
Kirsty Babington 7 Feb 2018

My mum is make g my invites and with the card, ink and the laser cut sleeves for the invites, it costs about £50 altogether. Saved me a lot of money

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 7 Feb 2018

Hi look on e-bay they have lovely ones :)

Amber Freeman
Amber Freeman 7 Feb 2018

Hi, I'm making our own pocketfold wedding invites, pda craft have loads of things on their site that could help, Pinterest is best for inspiration :) x

Danniella Castle
Danniella Castle 7 Feb 2018

They all end up in the bin so, I've spent less than £20 on 40 wedding invites, 40 evening and save the dates in card factory x

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 8 Feb 2018

Black Friday vista print had 50% off we got 70 invites for £30 bargin! But we are making the evening invites, Pinterest will help with ideas

Susie Booth
Susie Booth 8 Feb 2018

EBay...or have a look in Hobby Craft they have craft sets for invites. I plan on making my own (if I can be bothered) if not EBay were really good x

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 8 Feb 2018

I made my own - made around 70 invites, RSVP cards and info cards for £35.

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Rachel Lee
Rachel Lee 8 Feb 2018

Vista print 100 invitations for £35 they normally have offers on! Love them x

Rachel Lee
Rachel Lee 8 Feb 2018

Including envelopes then £5 on magnets xx

Rhian Priest-Dibben
Rhian Priest-Dibben 9 Feb 2018

i'm a bit of a stationary geek so actually didnt want to cheap out on invites, we are getting ours designed and then going direct to a printer... but 100% can get them cheaper, any card shops, i even saw some in a charity shop recently, can get bargains if you dont mind what they look like

Becky Hayes
Becky Hayes 10 Feb 2018

Definitely look on eBay , you can save a fortune


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