Mary Green
Mary Green 7 Feb 2018

How long between engagement & booking the wedding date?

How long between engagement & booking the wedding date?

Maisie Britt
Maisie Britt 7 Feb 2018

We waited a year

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 7 Feb 2018

We looked at venues first then settled on a date, so from getting engaged to booking the venue was just over a month.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 7 Feb 2018

Hi it is up to you :)

Amber Freeman
Amber Freeman 7 Feb 2018

Hi, we looked at venues and their prices before deciding on ours, alot of them have prices out for 2020 now :) x

Tanya Alexander
Tanya Alexander 7 Feb 2018

Been engaged 2 weeks , getting married in a year.

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 8 Feb 2018

We got engaged 25th feb and the 4th of March it was booked so about a week ( I was waiting for 10years for him to ask) lol

Susie Booth
Susie Booth 8 Feb 2018

We got engaged august 15 ...but that was a compromise as he didn't want to marry. 2 years later in august 17 he decided it was time and we get married June 19.
I think its an individual choice there's no set time limit x

Saphire Cartlidge
Saphire Cartlidge 9 Feb 2018

We spent about 3 months researching venues and going to visit them before we booked our venue. I suppose it depends on whether you already have a good idea of what you want or if you have no idea and spend ages looking at all different kinds of venue.

Lauren Keable
Lauren Keable 9 Feb 2018

Between getting engaged and getting married it will be 5 years. We have been engaged for 3 and only booked it recently. Everyone is different x

Rhian Priest-Dibben
Rhian Priest-Dibben 9 Feb 2018

From time of engagement to booking my wedding was 3 months haha

Rhian Priest-Dibben
Rhian Priest-Dibben 9 Feb 2018

When i get married, i would have been engaged for 2 years and 9 months. This was due to time to save, we couldn't have afforded this year (2018) and 2 of my older siblings are getting married both in June 2019, so not to panic my mother, we went the year after haha

Stephanie Sweet-Burton
Stephanie Sweet-Burton 9 Feb 2018

3 months x

Demi McGarry
Demi McGarry 10 Feb 2018

We booked the venue 4 years after getting engaged. No need to rush into booking x

Christina Stevens
Christina Stevens 11 Feb 2018

Erm 12 years 😂😂


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