UKbride Member Request 6 Feb 2018

HELP!! I'm lost. I realy have no idea and no help. When I ask my partner he...

HELP!! I'm lost. I realy have no idea and no help. When I ask my partner he just says do what you want :( I'm starting to lose sleep. All I want is the perfect day but I can't even decide on colours or themes let alone anything else. Is there something wrong with me?

Ruth Pearson
Ruth Pearson 6 Feb 2018

I love Pinterest so many ideas and useful pages and ideas to be creative or follow.
I have a long wait for my wedding but have ideas on what we want navy tweed suit so having a very pale pink accessories and brides maid dresses and white flowers
Good luck.
Have you been to any shows or fairs? X

Chloe Mitchell
Chloe Mitchell 6 Feb 2018

Don't panic, just have a look around for inspiration. My partner was exactly the same until I started organising things and now he's really into the planning lol. Also talk to your partner cos he might feel that it's too far away to get excited, that's what mine was like x

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 7 Feb 2018

Try not to worry too much - a lot of people get like this, especially at the first stages of planning. I used to be a wedding coordinator and when someone struggled with colour schemes I always advised choosing the bridesmaids dresses first and base the rest of the colour theme around those dresses. If you haven't chosen your venue yet look around all different types of venues (e.g. hotels, barns, country houses, etc), this should start to give you a good idea of what you like.

Amber Freeman
Amber Freeman 7 Feb 2018

I have the same problem!! I got quotes from decorators and then he didn't like the ideas.. I took him to a shop in the end, we got the decor sorted!! But have a look on Pinterest or wedding decorators facebook pages to get some ideas you might find something that really suits you both :)

Stacey Gray
Stacey Gray 8 Feb 2018

Pinterest is like my best friend at th moment x

Victoria Lavery
Victoria Lavery 12 Feb 2018

Write things down in a little planner so that it's not all in your head. Things you like, how much you want to spend. Have a look at Pinterest it has some good ideas.


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