UKbride Member Request 5 Feb 2018

I'm getting married in May and feel like there is so much to do and nothing...

I'm getting married in May and feel like there is so much to do and nothing is quite ready! Is anyone else in the same boat? Trying not to panic but feel like I'm running out of time

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 5 Feb 2018

Hi I feel the same but am getting married in August just can't the right people to go dress shopping as we all work different shifts :)

Karlene A Blackford
Karlene A Blackford 5 Feb 2018

Your time is coming up real soon so i could imagine i will b feeling the same close to my wedding which is next year june

Sarah Nicholls
Sarah Nicholls 6 Feb 2018

I'm getting married beggining of April and the next 2 months my diary is full and I'm going to be non stop. Madness. Sure all will be ok. Hope you have an amazing big day xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 6 Feb 2018

I'm married in May too and don't really know what I should be doing right now

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 6 Feb 2018

I get married in May 12th iv have tried to do job by job rather than trying to do loads of different things at once . Seems to be working ok .

Courtney Cook
Courtney Cook 6 Feb 2018

Make a list of what u have got left to do and maybe we can help u out with short cuts or tips? Xx

Elaine Charlton
Elaine Charlton 6 Feb 2018

I’m getting married in May. My dress isn’t ready, my bridesmaids dresses haven’t arrived and not sure they’ll all fit, haven’t confirmed menu options with the venue yet and ppl aren’t rsvping. I’m feeling pretty stressed too but I keep being reminded it’ll all slip into place so trying not to worry too much. Good luck with yours x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 6 Feb 2018

Oh am the same hun I get married in August an I feel like this am losin sleep over it good luck am sure u will do it x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 6 Feb 2018

I'm may 12th too and have loads to do...

Catriona White
Catriona White 6 Feb 2018

Don't get married until July but feel like I've got nothing sorted. But from other brides I've known most people feel this way and it all works out.

Rebecca Cherrett
Rebecca Cherrett 6 Feb 2018

I feel exactly the same. I'm getting married next month 🙈 feel like there's still so much to do 😭 you're not the only one. I think it's completely normal to think like that but hopefully everything will go to plan 😊 xxx

Bethany Smith
Bethany Smith 6 Feb 2018

If you're panicking I would write a list of EVERYTHING that needs doing. Even something as small as an email. And I'd cross off and add to it as the days went on. Your bridesmaids will be happy to help you I'm sure. Take each day as it comes and feel the satisfaction of crossing stuff off your list :)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 6 Feb 2018

I am getting married at the beginning of May and it has started to get a bit stressful now but trying to keep my to do lists up to date which keeps me sane??

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 6 Feb 2018

I'm getting married May 25th and this is me all over. That and having a 5 month old baby and maternity leave ending next month. Errrm, help?!?

Emma Kingsland
Emma Kingsland 6 Feb 2018

Try relaxing and enjoy the process. It’s one day and will go so quick I’m trying to enjoy the organising too. Make a list, I bet you’ll be surprised what you’ve organised already. It’ll all come together and try not to worry, enjoy it xxx and congratulations x

Suki Charlton
Suki Charlton 6 Feb 2018

I'm 11th May and I'm feeling really relaxed about it all, probably up until the last week though. All the major things have been done, just a few things to tick off the list ( I had a lot of lists 😂) just take it one step at a time and enjoy it I'm sure it will all come together by your big day. X

Jasmine Knott
Jasmine Knott 6 Feb 2018

Getting married 19th may and felt like I had everything under control until my photographer who had included hair and makeup cancelled on us today 😂🙈

Julie Cook
Julie Cook 6 Feb 2018

I’m the same. Getting married on 4th May and feel like there’s still so much to organise, pay for and do. Glad I’m not the only one panicking lol 😁

Victoria Collard
Victoria Collard 6 Feb 2018

I get married end of May and my biggest panic is not having started shopping for honeymoon clothes yet because I still want to lose another stone, but then when do I start clothes shopping since I already only have 4 months til the wedding 😂😂 x

Natalie Casey
Natalie Casey 6 Feb 2018

I already feel like that and not getting married till 21st of October 😂

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 6 Feb 2018

Im geting married 14th april,everything almost sorted now felling excited but nervous at the same time.x

Samantha James
Samantha James 6 Feb 2018

I’m getting married in 5 weeks and it is stressful but you can only do what you can do. I’ve never been to a wedding a thought ‘oh they forgot...’ so although it’s stressful and times running out, does it completely matter? It will all happen so go with it x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 6 Feb 2018

You'll be fine, stay calm and positive. Right a to do list of what's left and work through it bit by bit - it'll come together before you know it :-)
I had 6 months from start to finish to plan and book everything, and to my surprise all was done, booked and arranged with 3 months spare! I forgot a few things here and there but none of the guests noticed and to be honest neither did my husband and I - We were too busy enjoying our day :-)
Enjoy this planning stage because your big day will be here before you know it and the time just disappears on your wedding day!
Enjoy every moment, happy planning and Good luck X

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 6 Feb 2018

I’m getting married on May 26th and haven’t even looked at a dress for me yet !

Lauren O'hanlon
Lauren O'hanlon 6 Feb 2018

I'm getting married the 11th of May and I'm starting to feel like this too so many little things that need doing 🙈😮 xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 6 Feb 2018

I'm feeling the same too, my wedding is September but I just want it all sorted soon so I'm not stressing

Sharon Sampson
Sharon Sampson 7 Feb 2018

Im 26th may and must say very relaxed every thing done pay for last few bits in march then all done

Gemma Hardy
Gemma Hardy 7 Feb 2018

Mine is 2 weeks (saturday) away. Ive said all along that if something doesnt get done we dont have it and if we cant afford something then thats ok too. As long as we are there and the registrar is there then it really doesnt matter if you have forgotten anything. People wont notice if 1 or 2 small things are not there.

Sarah Sharpe
Sarah Sharpe 7 Feb 2018

2 weeks and 2 days! But I can see the end now. A week ago I was tearing my hair out! Just start working through things one a time, tick it off. Don't try and do everything at once. Good luck! Xxx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 7 Feb 2018

Also getting married in May feel like everything is falling into place aside from the damn table plan as mother in law to be won't sit by one son and family but doesn't want to be on top table and won't sit by my sister's and wants to change it all...just keep reminding myself if I kill her I don't get to wear my dress except maybe for a prison beauty show

Laura Newton
Laura Newton 7 Feb 2018

I'm getting married in may too, my logical side is saying all is fine and booked etc, then there's this panic about being prepared and organised 😂 this wedding malarkey is stressful!!!


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