Leah Sedgwick
Leah Sedgwick 29 Jan 2018

Has anyone else got s VERY small budget but two large families to...

Has anyone else got s VERY small budget but two large families to accommodate? I have 125 and my partner has 130 we're only getting married in a small church. WHAT DO I DO??

Stacey Hutchinson
Stacey Hutchinson 29 Jan 2018

That is a lot of family members. The best thing to do is invite the closest family to do the day and ceremony and extended family to the evening.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 29 Jan 2018

Hi just invite your nearest family on both sides :)

Tessa Lok
Tessa Lok 29 Jan 2018

Woah! I thought I was having trouble with accommodating 80 extendeds! A few rules I went with to cut down on numbers: Only established couples are allowed to attend (e.g. your mate Bobby can't bring a random mate if he doesn't have a long-term girlfriend everyone knows about); Any extendeds that you haven't spoken to in a year are not invited; Parents cannot invite THEIR friends (esp. if you don't know them). Consider throwing an informal restaurant meal at a later date to celebrate with people who will grumble about not being able to attend your big day.


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