UKbride Member Request 27 Jan 2018

This is really getting me down, my sister isnt coming to my wedding because...

This is really getting me down, my sister isnt coming to my wedding because she's not a bridesmaid, yes I was her bridesmaid but we have become so distant we hardly see each other and she always is slagging someone off, my dad isn't even giving me away but he's not angry atall and said it's my choice and is still coming to my wedding, so do I make her my bridesmaid to not cause arguments? Even though none of my other sisters are bridemaids just my best friend, and she's been slagging off my best friend. She hasn't supported me atall about marrying my H2B and she can be quite spiteful to me. NEED ADVICE!! Save arguments or do what I want?

Tessa Lok
Tessa Lok 27 Jan 2018

Don't let her get her way because you think you're saving yourself a headache. None of the reasons you give for her attendance are about your happiness but rather to mitigate her negativity. Even if she does get to be bridesmaid do you think she will change to be all sunshine and rainbows? Or do you think she will be a little bit of extra stress on the day of your celebration? It might be difficult but remember that you will only get this day once so make it about you and your partner. Good luck!

Samantha Miller
Samantha Miller 27 Jan 2018

This is your day that YOU are paying for. Therefore this is one of those rare times that you get to make all the decisions. Do not let her bully you into anything you don’t want. If she wants to be a child and throw a tantrum then let her get on with it. This is your day where you get to be the centre of attention and she is already making it all about her. Stay strong and remember this is about you and your H2B xx

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 27 Jan 2018

Your day, your say. If people choose to be negative and stay away then that is their choice and you may be disappointed initially but at least you won't feel all day that they have gloomy faces or are making demands on you when it is your day. Good luck.

Becky Moss
Becky Moss 28 Jan 2018

I agree with all comments above she sounds very childish if she doesnt want to go to your wedding as a guest then it is gunna be her loss enjoy your big day and do it however you want to xxxx

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 29 Jan 2018

I know its hard but I would try and ignore her - as you said its not like your other sisters are bridesmaids, plus your bridesmaids are there to support and help you and should bring positive energy to you - she certainly doesn't sound right for the role! At the end of the day it will be her that regrets it - not you


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