Natasha Atkinson
Natasha Atkinson 25 Jan 2018

So decided to start planning our wedding but not getting married until 2020....

So decided to start planning our wedding but not getting married until 2020. I cannot find a venue I like apart from really expensive ones am I just being unrealistic! What have u set as your budgets for venues? And any ideas for something a bit different to your normal hotel or church weddings? Thank you

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 26 Jan 2018

Hi First you need to set a budget. We are getting married in a converted court house :)

Danniella Castle
Danniella Castle 26 Jan 2018

Look at changing the day of your wedding. Aw changed our from a Saturday to a Thursday. And it's saved us 6k on the venue. I know mid week weddings aren't for everyone but for us it's perfect as we get the venue we loved.

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 26 Jan 2018

Look at booking your wedding at off peak times such as October-March and on weekdays or a Sunday, most venue will offer big discounts for getting married out of season. We are getting married this February on a Sunday. We saved £2,000 by having it on a sunday rather than a saturday, and saved about £7,000 for having it in February rather than during the peak season of June-September

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 26 Jan 2018

A week day is always cheaper and not in the summer season

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 26 Jan 2018

Some wedding venues do a winter package the venue I have my heart set on is £6500 but is £3500 in winter so I'm getting married a year later and having the winter package and the money in saving is going on extras to make the day extra special xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 26 Jan 2018

We are getting married in a forest and there is a glamping site for guest accommodation. Much more reasonable than traditional venues.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 26 Jan 2018

We are getting married at a church but going back to a function Masonic hall after. It's 2.5k for meal for 50 and evening for 100. Reasonable and such a nice place

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 26 Jan 2018

We were adamant we wanted a Saturday so all our important people could be there. But we managed to save by going off peak in October and then changing from a 3 course choice menu to a two course set. Our venue were also amazing and let us pay monthly. Talk to your preferred venue and see what they can do. If they are good they will help you

Josslynne Masters
Josslynne Masters 26 Jan 2018

I think it’s totally unrealistic to set yourself a budget until you have chosen a venue. Otherwise you are literally plucking a random number out of thin air (unless you already have all the savings you could ever need, but who actually does!?). I think it’s better to Pick the venue you want, then decide how long it would take you to save for that and all the other bits then book accordingly and set your budget accordingly. Go with what you what you want, even if it takes an extra year. You will still be together then...

Kirsty Wall
Kirsty Wall 26 Jan 2018

We are getting married by the Captain aboard a P&O cruise to the Norwegian Fjords. They only have one wedding per weeks cruise, it's really affordable, can be tailored with extras and they plan it all for you. The price hasnt changed for it being in June either. Its romantic and unique and has taken the stress (and cost) away from us....we basically need to buy rings and dress/suit! Quite a few family and friends have booked to come along and then we'll throw a party when we get back for people who cant make it x

Laura Waterman
Laura Waterman 26 Jan 2018

We have a 5* exclusive use of a country house in the lakes in december for around 3.3k

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 26 Jan 2018

Depends what you are after we are using a lovely golf club locally to us. 150 for the room can use our own booze as long as corkage paid and the meal is 20 a head. So much cheaper than hotels and just as nice. The bar will also be cheaper for our guests to

Danni Tresise
Danni Tresise 26 Jan 2018

We found a lovely venue, stately home for the ceremony with beautiful old barns for the reception. It absolutely wrecked the carefully-planned budget we had in mind. It's definitely not a "reasonable venue", but we've decided to go for it anyway! Just follow your heart and make sure that you're happy, and if you're not, you have the right to stand up and say that! If you can be happy with the cutbacks, then maybe try to offset the areas where you've saved with a few little extras that matter! I hope you manage to sort it xxx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 26 Jan 2018

We've gone for exclusive hire of a hotel then when the guests pay for their rooms it becomes a lot more cost effective!

Jade Williams
Jade Williams 28 Jan 2018

We are having a small intimate candlelit ceremony and reception in a wine cave which is keeping the costs down as only fits 36 people. Then having a larger evening do at a nearby country pub.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 Jan 2018

We thought we'd go for a fairly tight budget for our venue. However after working out the overall cost of the cheap venue (which was lovely but had additional costs to add... Accomodation,decorating,catering etc) against the cost of the most expensive venue (that has practically everything included) we went for the venue we'd both fallen in love with that appeared more expensive as as a bonus it was actually cheaper with our needs all included. We reduced the cost of our venue by changing from a friday/Saturday to a Monday (which saved £3,000.) If we'd have changed month's we would have saved an additional £2,000. To decide on our venue we agreed on two non-negotiable features for it. One was the design (we've no need to decorate our venue because it looks the way i was dreaming of) the other was the scenic side of the venue with the options for photo locations and the option for an outside wedding. If we were desperate to reduce the cost more we would change the month. I'd advise agreeing on your most important venue details and then look for that in all venues you view. No venues compared our chosen venue...were absolutely in love with it and we looked at just under 15venues . Even looking after seeing our venue I couldn't get it out of my head. When. You know you know. Obviously if your tight on money you don't want to look at the very expensive venues be side you know you can't afford it etc. I researched tons before we started viewing of luck

Emma Carlen
Emma Carlen 28 Jan 2018


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