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Hello ladies. Need some advice, my auntie got into a massive strop because I...

Hello ladies. Need some advice, my auntie got into a massive strop because I didn't invite my cousin (who I haven't seen or spoken to in years) to the wedding. She started saying to other family members that she wasnt going to come if he didn't get an invite, for me I would have said fine don't bother coming, however it isn't so simple is it? She would have caused so many problems that my nan and mum would become involved and get really upset at the problems caused and fall out, so I agreed to invite him. The other problem is, his girlfriend is pregnant and due 2 weeks before my wedding, so I'll have a newborn baby at the wedding if they decide to come, if she goes over her due date they may not actually come wasting money for us as our meals are £45 a head. So basically, what would you do in this situation???

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 24 Jan 2018

Hi very tricky but at the end of the day it is your day good luck :)

Hannah Houghton
Hannah Houghton 25 Jan 2018

Hi, You have to remember this is your big day and has to be special for you and not really anyone else. If your Auntie is saying she won't come because of it, she is not there to help you enjoy your big day. Keep it simple and only have the people there that will enhance the experience for you

Tessa Lok
Tessa Lok 26 Jan 2018

Maybe a little draconian but cut out all the people that YOU don't want to invite. Have an informal restaurant meal with them on another day to "make up" for it. Alternatively, pressure the relative that wants them to come to pay for their attendance if they're going to be flaky about it.

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 26 Jan 2018

I agree with the others - don't let your aunt bully you. I would say he is not invited as you haven't spoken in years and you cannot afford to spend money on someone who doesn't bother with you who might not be able to come in the first place - even if they have the baby on time I cannot see either of them wanting to come to a party anyway! It may sound strict and blunt but take back control. My nan is a bit like this (she doesn't like the fact I have chosen to marry on a Sunday in February - wrong day of the week and wrong month apparently) and keeps complaining to other family members about it. She hasn't spoken to me directly but my mum has snapped back at her that it has saved us £2,000 having it on a sunday rather than a saturday, and if she has a problem with it don't come or pay the extra £2000 to move it to the saturday. It soon shut her up!

Charlene Hook
Charlene Hook 28 Jan 2018

I would talk with the cousin and your aunt together and u might be surprised by the outcome. But don’t let your aunt bully you into anything

Susie Booth
Susie Booth 31 Jan 2018

I wouldn't invite the cousin ....simple as that. My uncle has said he wont come if his 4 kids are not invites abs I've said fine don't come!! Stand firm and stick to what you want x


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