Jo-Ann Wolff
Jo-Ann Wolff 22 Jan 2018 Hello, I really hope you... Hello, I really hope you would be kind enough to share my page. It's a long shot, but I am trying to find some belongings that were lost in a relocation from Australia to London,and my wedding dress was in the shipment. I suspect that it may have been delivered to the wrong address and perhaps the wedding items will have been put up for sale on a page in UK somewhere. Every time our story is shared may well bring us closer to finding our stuff and help us reach a happy ending. Please help by sharing and posting on as many wedding related sites as you can. Thank you so much ????

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 22 Jan 2018

Hi so sorry to hear this good luck :)

Rhian Priest-Dibben
Rhian Priest-Dibben 24 Jan 2018

I really hope you get it back


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