UKbride Member Request 22 Jan 2018

 Hi all! My partner and I have decided we'd like a marquee for our...

 Hi all! My partner and I have decided we'd like a marquee for our reception. We were originally looking at June as our month, but after discovering this is one of the most expensive months to have a wedding, we're now thinking April or May. I'd prefer April, but which do you think will be the safer weather option?

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 22 Jan 2018

I would have thought May. There is a reason there is a term 'April showers'. When you are looking at dates why not look at the weather record for that date and see how likely it is to rain. I know that my date has not had rain for at least 7 years so the odds are good that it will be OK.

Natalie Guest
Natalie Guest 23 Jan 2018

We were at a wedding last April over the Easter weekend and there was no signs of rain it was a lovely dry sunny day. We were going to book a venue that was predominantly outside in the beautiful gardens however no matter what time of year it is you could potentially have rain in this country so we just went for a more indoor venue. April should be a bit cheaper to May pending dates. Good luck

Rhian Priest-Dibben
Rhian Priest-Dibben 24 Jan 2018

mine is May, but i remember last year my date was raining... but hey ho cant control the weather.


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