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For those of you who aren't having parents paying for their wedding (we want...

For those of you who aren't having parents paying for their wedding (we want to fund it our ourselves) are most of you taking out personal loans/finance to help cover it, or are you saving up the complete amount? We really wanted to save, but it's seeming impossible to save up that amount in the time frame we have given ourselves. Our budget is no more than 10k, any advice appreciated, thank you.

Sharon McGuire
Sharon McGuire 22 Jan 2018

We are paying for it ourselves too and we don't want to take out any loans or use credit cards so we are doing it with savings. That's why we set ourselves a 2year engagement, we needed the time to save up. If you want to do it that way, why don't you change your date? You said it's a time frame you've given yourselves so I'm assuming that there's no outside pressure driving the decision (baby on the way, family ill health etc), so give yourself another year (or two if that's what you need) and then you can save enough and do it without getting into debt. If you are stuck on your date and you can't save the money in time, then you'll have to accept that you'll need to get a loan or use credit cards. But there are smart ways to do these things. PM me if you want to know what we did, happy to chat.

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 22 Jan 2018

We chose a date exactly a year from when H2B proposed. It's impossible for us to save enough so we have firstly been careful of what we are spending and keeping track of how much we need (paid deposits and putting balance of payments we will need into savings a/c as we can). We have realised that we will need to put some of the expenditure onto credit card but that is only for what we don't manage to save. We don't want to take a loan as it is too easy to just live with manageable payments whereas we know we will be more motivated to pay it back sooner if we have it on card. Good luck whatever you decide.

Rhian Priest-Dibben
Rhian Priest-Dibben 22 Jan 2018

ROUGHLY - We are saving £10k and getting a loan for 8k (18k budget)

Ellice Botham
Ellice Botham 23 Jan 2018

We are looking at getting married 9 months from now, and we're looking at around 10k budget. Everyone I've spoken to has said not to get loans etc as you don't want to be starting married life in debt. We really don't want a lian or credit card and have agreed that if we can't figure out where to find the money we will sacrifice the date and push it back. Hope this helps?

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 23 Jan 2018

We are pretty much paying for it ourselves - the only thing we haven't paid is £600.00 for the ceremony which my dad offered to pay for. When we got engaged we had just sold our house and moved, and had a nice chunk of money left over after the move. So about £9,000 has come from that and then the remaining £5,000 is from money we saved from our monthly salary. I brought a lot of things throughout the year to spread the cost out as well. If you have not booked anything yet I would advise to calculate how much (realistically) you can put away each month and base your date around how long it will take you to save, its not ideal to start married life in debt so if it can be avoided, its preferable. If you can perhaps have a big clean out of stuff you don't want anymore and sell them on ebay, I have recently done this and its given us a little bit more to play with - every little helps :)

Lisa Gwilliam
Lisa Gwilliam 24 Jan 2018

We’re putting money aside each month and we have had some family members offer to get certain things for us . My mother in law to be is making our cake . And she and her husband want to treat us to our venue and food . We are also doing all our own flowers etc . But hopefully we are selling our other car we don’t need to help with paying for it


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