Karen Marriott jones
Karen Marriott jones 21 Jan 2018

Advice on saving for a wedding with 4 children ......{:IMG:0#416358#1?100:}

Advice on saving for a wedding with 4 children ......

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Joanne Sims
Joanne Sims 21 Jan 2018

Hey we’ve started the penny challenge put a penny away per day 1st day 1p 2nd day 2p etc looking to save around £600 in the year! It’s pennies that would probably be put in a pot and forgotten about! It will get expensive when it gets to day 100 but if I can’t afford it il just put in what I can good luck x

Alison Jarvis
Alison Jarvis 21 Jan 2018

Once you manage to save £100 buy premium bonds it will be out of reach as it takes a few days to get the money back but it’ll give you a chance to also win some money. So far I’ve won 4 lots of £25 which is more than the bank would pay in interest, but I’m hoping that I’ll be lucky and win a big prize

Gemma Louise
Gemma Louise 22 Jan 2018

We have a wedding Jar and every time we think about having a takeaway we put the money in the jar instead. I have my nails done less and the times I don’t get it done I put the money in the jar. No idea how much we have as the jar has to be smashed to get it out so we can’t touch it xx


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