Danniella Castle
Danniella Castle 19 Jan 2018

Any help appreciated!! Been to see our perfect venue and have...

Any help appreciated!! Been to see our perfect venue and have provisionally booked the date with 7 days to confirm if we want to book and pay our deposit. I'm just concerned that our wedding is October 2019 and you can't book your registrar until a year before. It may sound daft but what happens if by chance the registrar won't do that date? I'm scaring myself but I've been told it won't be a problem and it's normal to do it like this. But I don't want to pay out money and have to cancel and lose our deposits.

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell 19 Jan 2018

Just ring the registrar Hun & ask the questions they might let you book early then least you know

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 19 Jan 2018

Some counties allow you to provisionally book your date with the registrar. It is notice of marriage that you cannot do until a year ahead. Best call the registry office to confirm.

Jodie Brain
Jodie Brain 19 Jan 2018

You should be able to provisionally book them (you'll have to pay them a small deposit) and that means no one else can have them when you need them! Just ring them and you should be able to do that all over the phone! Then when it gets to the year before you give legal notice as mentioned above :)

Cloe Barker
Cloe Barker 19 Jan 2018

I started to panic about the same thing when we booked our venue april 2017 but wasnt getting married till sept 2018.
we couldn't provisionally book the registrar till exactly a year to the day.
I started to worry that we wouldnt get one, that id spent all this money and it would be wasted.
Our wedding planner at the venue tried to calm me and said just ring at 9am and all will be ok.
I booked the day off, my other half thought i was daft, i then said i needed him to ring at the same time in case i couldn't get through....
Safe to say he thought i was loosing the plot !!!
We got through, no problem, the guy at the registrar office even said he couldn't believe how early we had called and no one else had rang this early before.
I'm a born worrier, but please don't panic, it all worked out for me and I'm sure it will for you :)

Danniella Castle
Danniella Castle 19 Jan 2018

Thank you all! I was having a little brain meltdown ha. I am going to ring in morning and see what can be done. Keep calm and carry on planning. Thanks gjrls!

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 21 Jan 2018

This is a normal way of doing it for most districts - it is very unlikely they will not be available - remember if you can’t book them for your date yet, neither can anyone else - just set yourself a reminder to book them exactly a year to the day of your wedding

Emma Rigglesford
Emma Rigglesford 23 Jan 2018

I managed to book and pay for my registrar for May 2019 - give them a call I’m sure they will be able to help

Rhian Priest-Dibben
Rhian Priest-Dibben 5 Feb 2018

I booked mine for May 2020, called the registrar just to find out when i could book it and OMG i could book it then, so i've paid the deposit now for my date and time. Then i have to put my notice in 1 year before. It entirely depends on your council - give them a try, you may be suprised.


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