Jaz Nokes
Jaz Nokes 17 Jan 2018

Hi, I have only recently got engaged (new years) and don't really know a lot...

Hi, I have only recently got engaged (new years) and don't really know a lot in regards to planning and what order to choose and book things etc. Does anyone have a list of things in an order? Or know any useful websites? Xx

Lyn Rajah
Lyn Rajah 17 Jan 2018

Hi Jaz,

Congratulations on your engagement. Everyone is different but I’m planning to provisionally book my venue first by pencilling in a booking, then book a registrar and then confirm the venue. After that, I’m going to focus on booking the transport and saving money aside for a deposit for the catering. This website is great because it suggests potential suppliers and it has forums etc. Not sure which other websites are out there but I am a newbie on here. Good luck with all your planning!

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 18 Jan 2018

Hi, firstly congratulations! Pick a date, look at venues, then book something, everything will come together from there. Pinterest’s. (Midweek weddings are a lot cheaper 😉

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell 18 Jan 2018

Congratulations on your engagement Pinterest has loads of wedding ideas & list of things you need to do & book

Kylie Pink
Kylie Pink 18 Jan 2018

Congratulations!! I would definitely advise Pinterest for ideas and I’ve found the app Bridebook has helped as well!

Saphire Cartlidge
Saphire Cartlidge 18 Jan 2018

Congratulations! A lot of wedding magazines have a timeline checklist you can rip out and stick on your wall, that's what I've done. I brought the Your Handmade Wedding magazine because I'm making a lot of things for my wedding, it had a a detailed checklist and timeline in it :)

Donna Winter
Donna Winter 25 Jan 2018

Congratulations. Very exciting times. First port of call would be figuring out what kind of wedding you both would like, and what time of year you would like it. It was important we got the right venue when we wanted. After this was booked I looked at what was most important to us, which in our case was making sure we got the right photographer to capture our day.
I would say work out what are must haves for you then go from there. Ideas are everywhere? I spend far too many hours on Pinterest. Xx


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