Melaina Woodend
Melaina Woodend 16 Jan 2018

Does anyone know dress styles that would suit plus size? I don’t want to...

Does anyone know dress styles that would suit plus size? I don’t want to go to a dress shop and be absolutely devastated that nothin suits me ????

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 16 Jan 2018

Hi have a look on Wed2b they have dresses to fit plus size which are beautiful :)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 17 Jan 2018

Look online at Debenhams and John Lewis so that you have some ideas. Then you can either order online with a good returns policy behind it or go into store to try on (I chose the first option). Debenhams have some lovely stuff at the moment.

Rhian Priest-Dibben
Rhian Priest-Dibben 17 Jan 2018

I didn't want to try on dresses as not at a size i'm comfortable with , but on a visit to wed2b with family, i ended up trying on two, and was great as tried on my own size (one up from high street). Thought i would look awful but i didnt, was good fun!

Kayleigh Garbett
Kayleigh Garbett 17 Jan 2018

Wed2be are amazing. They are so friendly and actually pick out dresses that you would look at and thing 'oh no that's not me' but then you try them on and you look and feel amazing. You will be surprised how helpful actually going somewhere is rather than looking online. Hope you find something amazing!


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