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Has anyone had problems with their future mother in law inviting people?...

Has anyone had problems with their future mother in law inviting people? She has already told my partners aunt that she’s coming to the wedding, but my partner has not spoke to her or seen her in at least the four years we’ve been together, and we are looking at having a wedding abroad with only about 30 guests, which is hard enough to cut down to as it is. MIL to be also rung us up the other night and said that if the aunt can’t come to the ceremony and dinner then they will just sneak her in for the evening! I know it’s only one person, but the whole principle of it is wrong, and I feel that she’s been overstepping a line trying to make us invite her, especially when they haven’t offered any money towards the wedding (not that I would expect them to pay)

Saphire Cartlidge
Saphire Cartlidge 16 Jan 2018

My MIL is the same, telling us we have to invite my partners great aunt and uncle but my partner and I agreed when we wrote our guest list that we wouldn't invite anyone that each other doesn't know and I'd never heard of this great aunt and uncle before let alone met them and my partner hasn't mentioned them in the 5 years we've been together. My MIL is insisting we have to invite them because we're inviting one of his other great aunts that I've met many times and because they're the same relation ie both great aunts his MIL says it's unfair to invite one and not the other.

In your situation I would say if you know the aunt well, go and speak to her privately about the situation. Or tell your MIL if she wants her there that badly then she can pay for her to be there.

Victoria Buglass
Victoria Buglass 17 Jan 2018

I have the same problem. It's you and your partners day after all, only invite those that are close to you and who you speak to on a regular basis, It will save a lot of money. Me and my partner have told everyone it's up to use who gets a invite, and like you said if they want them there so badly, they can pay for them.


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