UKbride Member Request 15 Jan 2018

Hi posting for a friend who doesnt want her mum to find this on her computer...

Hi posting for a friend who doesnt want her mum to find this on her computer ???? . "I am getting married this year and I have the step mum from hell. My own mum sadly died many years ago and my dad remarried. There have been ups and downs with her as to be expected with a teenager but things have got worse since I got engaged. She is making this day about her and not us. I have tried to speak to my dad but she always spins him a sob story and he believes her side of things. She is trying to say who should sit at the top table, what kind of dress I should get (haven't started looking yet as I am dreading it), where to get my cake. It is starting to resemble a redo of their wedding. How do I tell her to butt out without being ungrateful as they are paying for most of the wedding. It is getting so bad we are just thinking of eloping and then saying we have done the deed but as an only child it would break my dads heart not to walk me down the aisle. Any suggestions as to how we should approach this, it is our day not hers" Thank you

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 16 Jan 2018

Hi have your Dad and Step Mum together and tell them how you feel, that way your Dad will know that you are really not happy about things. I would tell them that you are thinking of eloping because your not happy good luck :)

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell 16 Jan 2018

Maybe sit them down & talk to them it’s your day & everything should be the way you want it to be just kindly explain it’s your day you appreciate her input but you’d prefer something different after all your only getting married once & you want the day you’ve chose. Hope it all goes well

Cindy White
Cindy White 17 Jan 2018

Pay for it yourself if you want it your way!! Lol, I would take any wedding if my parents would pay for anything!!

Becky Moss
Becky Moss 17 Jan 2018

I would speak to your dad if he is that determined to walk you down the isle then he should tell her to back off and let you plan your wedding how you want it its nice of them to pay but not if she is gunna be soo controlling wow this is the polite version me personally would tell her to get to fuck 😂😂 xxxx

Connie Atkin
Connie Atkin 18 Jan 2018

We've decided on eloping as we have had a lot of ups and downs on both sides of the family. I also lost my dad so wouldn't feel the same. We are frantically saving to afford a nice wedding as we only plan to do this once. I hope it all works out x


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