UKbride Member Request 15 Jan 2018

What is the average budget for a UK wedding ? On a tight budget...

What is the average budget for a UK wedding ? On a tight budget...

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 15 Jan 2018

Hi I would think £6,000-£8,000 but that is a rough estimate :)

Stacey Hutchinson
Stacey Hutchinson 16 Jan 2018

The average for the whole of the UK is £26K

Jodie-Louise Phillips
Jodie-Louise Phillips 16 Jan 2018

I’m hoping to not go over 10000 x

Sarah Booth
Sarah Booth 16 Jan 2018

Me it's £4,500 we will see how that plans out, I am very good at keeping to a budget.

Gemma Louise
Gemma Louise 16 Jan 2018

I have a £10,000 budget and with my venue, photographer and registrar fees alone it’s £8,000 😩😩 I’ll definitely be going over budget. Working out all the costs of everything it’s around £16,000 and that’s without a honeymoon and cutting corners xx

Sarah Pope
Sarah Pope 16 Jan 2018

I'm not having honeymoon and been cutting budgets everywhere. I am looking at 2500 and I may just about do it.

Sharon  Fowles
Sharon Fowles 17 Jan 2018

Sarah, we are doing same.. Dont want to start married life up to our eyebrows in debt, for such a short time..

Becky Moss
Becky Moss 17 Jan 2018

Wow i better get saving i dont think i could save this much but not getting married till 2020 so i can try its very expensive tho xxxx

Eliza Munnelly
Eliza Munnelly 25 Jan 2018

It largely depends how many guests you have... we are 120 day and 200 evening and food alone is costing £9000 (extra canapes, 2 course sit down meal and pizza oven for the evening). Our venue only allows approved caterers so limited in choice but I suspect that's the right ball park anyway.


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